Evaluate current available image creation tools and select the one to be used for next releases (until 11.11)

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For the 11.05 cycle we used live-build 2 to generate all the dev platform images. This BP is to cover the research if we need to change to another tool to fit our new use cases.

Acceptance Criteria:
- Description of why the selected tool is the best one available

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.06
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[asac Jun, 2011]: maybe improve headline
[asac Jun, 2011]: is there a "live-build-3-migration" blueprint in the backlog for planning/executing/track the actual migration? I think this should be mentioned in the Conclusion: for readers to follow the next steps.

Headline: Linaro Platform decides to move to live-build 3 for their Ubuntu imaging needs
Acceptence: Blueprint needs to document and have items added to backlog on how we get to live-build 3 for stable and development release.

As Ubuntu is now also moving to use live-build 3 (that will support multistrap), it's the best way to go. By using the same build tool we can guarantee that our images are as close as the official ones, only adding the Linaro specific configurations on top. Initially the live-build learning curve can be a problem, but by providing all configuration scripts we use things will be easier for new users. Live build is well maintained and they are also planning to develop and support our use cases (image customization, cross build, etc).


Work Items

Work items:
Look at / evaluate mwhudson's xbuild patches: DONE
Forward port linaro specific patches from live-build 2: DONE
Forward port mwhundson's xbuild patches: DONE
Check into live-builder 3.0 from upstream as a starting point: DONE
[rsalveti] Check what Ubuntu is planning to use for 11.10: DONE
Check about multistrap: DONE
[rsalveti] Check about rootstock: DONE
Test build all images (ubuntu-desktop, alip, nano, developer & server) : DONE

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