Integrate Android Developer components into Ubuntu

Registered by Tom Gall on 2011-06-08

Provide tools of use to Android developers via apt-get for install on ubuntu/linaro images

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Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
Tom Gall
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.09
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Tom Gall
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Tom Gall

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[rsalveti, Jul 26, 2011]: moving it to 11.08 as we couldn't get it done for 11.07.
[rsalveti, Jul 26, 2011]: moving it to 11.09 as we couldn't get it done for 11.08, and changing priority to medium.
[fboudra, Sep 06, 2011]: explicitly define the packaged Android developer tools (adb and fastboot).
[dzin Sep 28, 2011]: This package will not go into the release images, but is pushed to PPA. If not marked as implemented by Sep 29, it will be bumped to 11.10
[rsalveti, Sep 29, 2011]: Packages published at ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools

User Stories:

1. As someone with ubuntu-desktop installed on my system, I'd like to be able to apt-get some target and have preconfigured android development tools installed onto my system such as adb and fastboot as well as other appropriate android developer tools.

2. As someone with ubuntu-desktop installed on my system, I'd like to be able to apt-get or obtain via some method android images from Linaro or Linaro Android WIPs into my adb environment.

Headline: Users are now able to install and use the Android Developer tools such as adb and fastboot at the Ubuntu LEB images.
Acceptance: Installing Ubuntu LEB image, use apt-get install to install the Android Developer tools and being able to use it without any major issue.


Work Items

Work items:
Pull in Marcin's earlier work: DONE
Post to dev-list follow up on feedback on additional components to consider besides adb: DONE
Package adb and fastboot tools: DONE
Post Beta to ppa:linaro-maintainers/tools: DONE
Assemble necessary docs and post call for testing to linaro-dev: DONE

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