LAVA Testing with the Pre-Built images

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Now that we have pre-built images in place, we'd like to extend the support by hooking LAVA test runs against the daily pre-built images.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Andy Doan
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Ricardo Salveti
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[rsalveti, Apr 5, 2012] Pad with the minutes from the meeting:
[doanac, 2012-04-12] I'm pretty much blocked by lp:977120
[dzin, Apr 27, 2012] Moved to 12.05
[rsalveti, May 3, 2012] Not blocked anymore, LAVA is fully back.
[asac, May 4, 2012] where is the outcome of the DONE WI "Check support for pre-built images at LAVA" documented? I think adding a comment when closing such items is the minimum we should do. maybe you added more WIs to the list as a result of that investigation item; if so the additions/changes should be documented in a comment too...
[doanac, 2012-05-04] asac: LAVA has had support for pre-built images for a long time now. I should have noted that when I marked that item as done.
[doanac, 2012-05-24]: The lmc based runs don't seem to be blocking daily pre-built images, so this isn't an issue right now
[rsalveti, May 31, 2012] The pre-built images are now pushing the jobs to LAVA once the job is finished. The snapshots html summary file per build is also linking the LAVA results now.

Headline: Pre-built images are now tested on LAVA on a daily basis.
Acceptance: Daily pre-built images pushed to LAVA, with test runs across all images we support.


Work Items

Work items:
Create jobs (or steps at one single job) that submits the daily pre-built images to LAVA: DONE
Check support for pre-built images at LAVA, and discuss what would be needed to have the support at this cycle still: DONE
Check if the serialized runs of lmc are not blocking the daily runs (in case it's taking too much time): DONE
Request removal of the current image status view at LAVA (and cron jobs): DONE
Create a meta-data file with enough information about the image (hwpack/roofs) and the job id of the LAVA test run: DONE
Create a simple javascript that grabs the results from LAVA and publish them at the snapshot folder that contains the image (similar to android): DONE

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