Kernel CI: Fixes for 12.02

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Fixes planned for Kernel CI during the 12.02 cycle.

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Ricardo Salveti
John Rigby
John Rigby
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 12.02
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Ricardo Salveti
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John Rigby

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[jcrigby 1 Feb 2012] modified the debian/rules so debuild -S builds identical tar files on subsequent builds but recipe builds apparently still produce different tarfiles.
[jcrigby 2 Feb 2012] the problem is the same we have seen before the recipe creates a debian/changelog but the debian/rules clean target overwrites it with one from debian.linaro. This explains the problem we have always had with the kernel recipe version string not working.
[jcrigby 3 Feb 2012] Finished original WIs and discovered a couple more that need to be done.
[jcrigby 15 Feb 2012] Shared header fix has been pushed. The flavour header package for lt kernels
now has all the headers and it no longer depends on the common headers. The kernel-wedge fix for
precise did not work so changing that back to TODO.
[jcrigby 21 Feb 2012] Still need to fix or workaround the kernel-wedge error.
[rsalveti, 22 Feb 2012] John, please create a bug for the kernel-wedge error and close down the blueprint, as the most important WIs are marked as DONE already.
[jcrigby, 22 Feb 2012] Created bug #938907 for the kernel-wedge issue.

Headline: Packaged Kernel CI now publishes both 3.1 and 3.2 kernels at the Kernel PPA, for both Oneiric and Precise.
Acceptance: All recipes building without conflicts between source package. 3.1 and 3.2 enabled at the same PPA. Packages available at the Kernel PPA.


Work Items

Work items:
Fix lt-panda build failures: DONE
Fix 3.1 and 3.2 conflicts at the same PPA: DONE
Moving all recipes to publish the packages to the Kernel PPA: DONE
Fix conflicts while generating the source pacakage, to avoid upload issues at the recipe: DONE
Don't build tools and common headers in LT kernels since they are provided by the shared flavour: DONE
Fix kernel-wedge error on precise build of shared flavour: POSTPONED
Stop using a shared headers package for the LT kernel flavors: DONE

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