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Currently we have both linux-linaro and lt-omap enabled at CI, and generating packages automatically at the Staging PPA.

This blueprint is to make sure we also enable the same logic for other LTs, such as Samsung, Freescale and STE, so we can always have the latest and greatest kernel available for people to test and try.

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Ricardo Salveti
John Rigby
John Rigby
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Accepted for trunk
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John Rigby
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John Rigby

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[rsalveti, Jan 5, 2011] All LTs should be at 3.1 already, but 3.2 should probably be available quite soon, so maybe it'd be good to have both 3.1 and 3.2 enabled for the LT that supports both. We should push the packaging/config tree at a common place also, so we can also request help from the LT while maintaining the config set for the kernel.
[jcrigby, Jan 11 2012] The existing script for last cycle works for TI LT 3.1 kernel. Not sure if there is a TI LT candidate 3.2 kernel. Also adding some WI's for fixing some known issues in scripts.
[rsalveti, Jan 11, 2012] For now we'll stick with TI LT 3.1 series, because it's the only one with support for video decode, but would also be nice to enable a build for TI LT 3.2, for people who want to try the latest kernel available from the LT.
[dzin, Jan 20, 2012] Is there a Roadmap ID associated with this?
[rsalveti, Jan 20, 2012] No, there's no roadmap for it atm.
[jcrigby, Jan 24, 2012]Still working on adding more LT kernel both 3.1 and 3.2. Everything else is done.
[jcrigby, Jan 25, 2012] All jobs created on and all recipes created on lp. Samsung (origen) and Snowball (ux500) are 3.2 only as the LTs indicated that all work has moved on to that release.
[rsalveti, Jan 25, 2012] Thanks! :-)

Headline: Landing Team packaged LEB kernels for Freescale, Samsung and Snowball are now generated in a CI loop.
Acceptance: Jobs on automatically create packaged Ubuntu kernels that are built using launchpad recipes resulting in working linux-image debian packages in staging overlay ppa.


Work Items

Work items:
Fix problems in LT merge script that prevent it from being soc or kernel version agnostic: DONE
Make CI script generated debian changelog entry more useful by formatting it more clearly and adding commit ids like those in git log: DONE
Make the auto abi bumping use the abi version from the current .deb in the archive instead of in the linaro sauce tree: DONE
Create and debug jenkins job for FSL LT 3.2 mx53 kernel: DONE
Consolidate duplicate job setup code on into a shared bzr script to minimize boilerplate bloat: DONE
Job for Samsung LT 3.2 kernel: DONE
Job for Snowball LT 3.2 kernel: DONE
Job for TI LT 3.2 kernel: DONE
Job for ARM vexpress kernel: DONE

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