Cross Build and Validation for Kernel CI jobs

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Enable cross build and kernel validation with LAVA before publishing the resulted src packages at the Kernel PPA.

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Ricardo Salveti
John Rigby
John Rigby
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 12.08
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David Zinman
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John Rigby

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[rsalveti, Mar 6, 2012] Please improve both the work items and headline/acceptance based on the planed work for the blueprint.
[rsalveti, Mar 28, 2012] My feeling is that this bp got blocked once CI went down during the cycle, so can you just update with the current status so we can retarget it for 12.04? Thanks!
[jcrigby 29 March 2012] Changing to 12.04.
[jcrigby 5 Apr 2012] this should finally be complete for the 12.04 cycle.
[jcrigby 12 Apr 2012] cross build nearly done. Lava will be a blocker if it does not come back online soon.
[jcrigby 19 Apr 2012] cross build is enabled by default now. Lava still down.
[dzin 27 Apr 2012] Blocked on LAVA lab, moved to 12.05
[rsalveti, May 3, 2012] Not blocked anymore, LAVA is fully back.
[jcrigby, 22 May 2012] With the new topic branch for ubuntu sauce (patches) and packaging I have spent more time on new scripts that use this new topic branch instead of the rebase strategy used up to now so I still have not finished the lava testing submission and monitoring jobs.
[rsalveti, 31 May, 2012] Blueprint still to be finished, should be moved to next cycle.
[dzin, 1 June, 2012] Moved to backlog
[rsalveti, 11 Jun, 2012] Moving to 12.06. From discussions with John, we should finally have all the requirements and tools in place to get the blueprint done this cycle.
[rsalveti, Jun 25, 2012] Unfortunately not yet fully completed for this cycle. David, please mark it to be moved to 12.07.
[dzin, June 29, 2012] Moved to 12.07
[jcrigby, 12 July 2012] update WIs, actually are fine just need to remove so redundant lava ones from another BP
[rsalveti, Jul 24, 2012] Seems we're still missing the validation part here, so it'll not be completed during this cycle still. John, please update based on your latest findings..
[jcrigby 24 Jul 2012] I have pieces of the lava submit working but not yet finished.
[jcrigby 26 Jul 2012] pushing hwpack to so should be able to submit lava test jobs soon. I think I have about 2 days work to have this done completely.
[dzin, Aug 1, 2012] Lots of dependencies are slowing development
[jcrigby 16 Aug 2012] Plan to have this complete on or before Monday 20 Aug.
[jcrigby 22 aug 2012] lava submission is in and being debugged, will add lava poller next.
[jcrigby 30 Aug 2012] Changed last work item to placing a link in job page to allow copy of pkg by hand instead of automatic copy. I believe this allows better control and deals with times when lava or jenkins is unstable.

Headline: Kernel Packages provided by CI are now cross compiled on Jenkins and boot tested with LAVA before making them available in the Kernel PPA.
Acceptance: All packaged linux linaro kernels are cross compile tested and boot tested via Lava if possible before pushing them to Launchpad.
Roadmap id: CARD-147


Work Items

Work items:
Cross build the kernel at the jenkins job: DONE
Submit the new kernel package to LAVA for validation: DONE
Add polling job to jenkins to gather LAVA results: DONE
Add link to ci job header pointing to ppa package copy page: DONE
Add build all job: DONE

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