Integrate and Release LTTng 2.0 at the Ubuntu LEB

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

LTTng 2.0 should be out at mid-February. We should integrated the released version at the Overlay PPA, make sure it's part of the developer image, and that it also works fine on our current targets.

Having it working on LAVA would also be a plus.

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Ricardo Salveti
Avik Sil
Avik Sil
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 12.02
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[aviksil, Feb 07, 2012] LTTng 2.0 roadmap: The RC1 release is on Feb 20, i.e., on LEB's 12.02 RC release day. So we can target LTTng 2.0-rc1 for 12.02, but final release will be Mar 20
[rsalveti, Feb 23, 2012] Let's close this blueprint by integrating only the pre-release, as the final release should probably happen during next month.
[rsalveti, Fab 23, 2012] Please create a bug to request the test case to be included at our daily tests for the LEBs, and then close the blueprint.

Headline: LTTng 2.0 pre-release is now integrated at the Overlay PPA, and part of the developer image.
Acceptance: Packages for LTTng 2.0 available at the Overlay PPA, working LTTng on our main board targets, and also part of the daily tests at LAVA.


Work Items

Work items:
Disable test-case execution during lttng-tools build: DONE
Make sure all lttng related packages are building correctly: DONE
Improve the lttng lava test parsers to show the pass/fail per test type: DONE
Create a merge request for the test case, and make sure to ping lava developers during connect: DONE
Once 2.0 is released, make sure the packages are all built fine at Staging, and then copy them over to the Overlay, for Oneiric and Precise: DONE
Request lttng test case to be included at the lava daily tests: POSTPONED

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