Initial support for the Cross Builder

Registered by David Zinman

Initial support for the Cross Builder

 - Have a predefined pkg set to use (can be more than one, like linaro-alip and ubuntu-core)
 - Builds going on daily (or similar) against this package set
 - Logs published at
 - Logs must be separated enough to be useful initially, but no need of a web interface
 - Instructions for people to set up the cross builder locally, and feed with a custom package set

Blueprint information

Ricardo Salveti
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.10
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
David Zinman

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[rsalveti, 11 Oct, 2011] Approved for 11.10 but I believe you need to update the work items list to match the goals.
[asac, 18 Oct, 2011]: whiteboard work items need to be kept up to date; if no progress ensure you drop comment in whiteboard about current progress/blocked state and your attempts for INPROGRESS items. Also be more verbose/explicit about the plan in the summary of the blueprint; you could explain for instance, what the buildd environment is and how that is supposed to work.
[dzin, 18 Oct, 2011]: restore comments
[dzin, 25 Oct, 2011]: Wookey, what is the blockage on this work item?
[dzin, 08 Nov, 2011]: broke out blocked item for bug, mark as implemented.

Headline: An auto cross-builder is now running with build-logs available online

Acceptance: Cross-buildd running with logs visible online

Status: log-transfer cron-job needs passwordless ssh upload. rt request made to IS:
Clean-chroot-unpacking for xdeb is in xbuilder-0.3.



Work Items

Work items:
Set upkeys and check uploads to DONE
Set up web-accessible filespace: DONE
Examine space requirements for chroots and logs: DONE
Set up buildd on local machine using xbuilder/xdeb (see linaro-nano bluprint): DONE
Decide directory layout for repos/methods/lists/runs: DONE
Set up build cron job: DONE
Separate logs by build-run: DONE
Choose mechanism for logfile transfer from build machine to DONE
Set up log-transfer cron-job: BLOCKED
Create wiki page documenting set-up: DONE
Add clean-chroot building with xdeb to xbuilder: DONE
Add config-file support to xbuilder: DONE
Make xbuilder take a config file on the command line: DONE
Arrange for chroots not to be waiting on sudo: DONE
Add build-summary file overview: DONE
upload updated xbuilder to PPA: DONE

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