Change hwpacks to use hwpacks v2

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

As linaro-image-tools now has all the planned code changes to support hwpacks v2, we should start the transition and move all hwpacks to use hwpackv2, as it'll probably make our life easier during the release.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.09
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
Alexander Sack


[rsalveti, Sep 11, 2011] igep is blocked by bug #716627
[asac, Sep 28, 2011]: setting to implemented; please drop more comments about status here so its easier to understand the state of such blueprint for outsiders like me.
[dzin, Oct 3, 2011]: Opened bug #865573 against the postponed item.

Headline: Ubuntu hardware packs are now ported to use version 2, allocating the hardware specific configurations at the hwpack itself, without depending on linaro-image-tools to provide them.
Acceptance: All hwpacks ported to v2 and working with latest linaro-image-tools the same way as with v1, without any regression.


Work Items

Work items:
[mabac] Send the config drafts to rsalveti: DONE
Sync with plars to make sure the transition doesn't affect LAVA: DONE
Sync with james-w and mabac to enable a l-i-t package at offspring that's v2 compatible: DONE
Port beagle natty hwpacks to v2 at ~rsalveti: DONE
Test beagle hwpacks v2: DONE
Merge beagle natty hwpacks v2 and validate an offspring build: DONE
Change beagle oneiric hwpacks to v2: DONE
Port igep natty hwpacks to v2 at ~rsalveti: DONE
Test igep hwpacks v2: DONE
Merge igep natty hwpacks v2 and validate an offspring build: DONE
Change igep oneiric hwpacks to v2: DONE
Change panda related hwpacks to v2: DONE
Change vexpress related hwpacks to v2: BLOCKED
Change overo related hwpacks to v2: DONE
Change imx51 related hwpacks to v2: POSTPONED
Ask LTs to port their hwpacks to v2: DONE
[fboudra] Check if documented install instructions still work with v2, and update them if necessary: DONE

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