Improve Ubuntu engineering build CI loop

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Speed up CI loop by crossbuilding slow jobs and taking control of our own repositories.

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Fathi Boudra
Fathi Boudra
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Slow progress
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milestone icon 13.06
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Fathi Boudra


Headline: Long CI jobs are much faster due to being cross-built
Acceptance: kernel, bootloader, qemu packages are cross-built into linaro repositories
Roadmap id: CARD-147

[fboudra, 2013-02-29] Bump to 13.04, move remaining WIs.
[fboudra, 2013-04-26] Bump to 13.05, move remaining WIs.


Work Items

Work items for 13.02:
Make kernel cross build: DONE
Make efi bootloader cross build: TODO
Make qemu cross-build: TODO
Multiarchify binutils-dev so kernel can be crossed in sbuild: DONE
[fboudra] Create Ec2 instance to host DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Set up Linaro's repositories on DONE
Set up webserver for repos: DONE
Set up keys for repos: DONE
Set up cross-build chroot for quantal: DONE
Modify ubuntu-kernel-ci to support crossbuilds: DONE
Create git branch for cross-friendly kernel packaging: DONE
Upload git branch to DONE

Work items for 13.04:
Upload the kernel source packages directly to new on test machine: DONE
Setup dput to import source packages to repo on test machine: DONE
Run sbuild crossbuilds on test machine: DONE
Publish the source and binary packages from test machine in Linaro repositories: DONE
Set up jenkins test job to build rootfs images from DONE
Improve the tools used to set up the cross-build daemon: POSTPONED

Work items for 13.05:
Verify cross-built kernels package doesn't introduce regression using LAVA daily tests : TODO
Set up a test source-generation job on jenkins: INPROGRESS
Update jenkins node configuration to use updated sbuild: INPROGRESS
Plan authentication scheme and setup dput config and keys for upload to repo.l.o on node/job: INPROGRESS
Plan migration/switch from native PPA jobs to -cross jobs: INPROGRESS
Switch over to cross jobs in releases: TODO
Improve documentation to explain how to reproduce the enviroment and cross-build a package: TODO
Migrate a subset of packages from Linaro Staging Overlay PPA. Initial target is Kernel, bootloader(s) and QEMU packages: TODO
Update hardware packs to use Linaro repositories: TODO

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