Extend infrastructure for OpenEmbedded support

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

In order to automatically generate the OE supported targets, and use the same work flow already used by the Ubuntu images, the infrastructure support should be extended for proper OE support.

Work to be covered by the blueprint:
* Enable support for the OE based built at Jenkins
* Artifacts should be published at snapshots.linaro.org
* Create support for OE based images at Linaro Image Tools
* Make the OE based image compatible with an ARMv7 FastModel

Blueprint information

Ricardo Salveti
Marcin Juszkiewicz
Series goal:
Accepted for trunk
Milestone target:
milestone icon 12.07
Started by
Marcin Juszkiewicz
Completed by
David Zinman

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[rsalveti, Jun 26, 2012] This is something to be discussed with the Infra team, so should be completed by 12.07. David, please add it to your bump list.
[dzin, Jun 29, 2012] bumped to 12.07
[rsalveti, Jul 24, 2012] Marcin, please update the blueprint with your latest status for the cycle. A few questions after checking the build: 1 - Seems the CI is currently only building the lamp image, right? 2 - What would be needed to set up the second image (sdk one)? 3 - Would it make sense to produce hwpacks based on the OE builds? Like after building the kernel/bootoader for a few targets? If so, this part should probably be separated and evaluated for next cycle after Hwpack v3 got implemented.

1,2. we have LAMP and SDK builds now
3. No, let's not make OE based hwpacks. Unless someone wants binary tarballs instead of packages (OE can generate debs but dependencies will be not Ubuntu friendly).

RT request filled for /openembedded/ dir on snapshots.l.o: https://rt.linaro.org//Ticket/Display.html?id=553

Headline: OpenEmbedded images are now automatically generated at ci.linaro.org, with images published at snapshots.linaro.org and compatible with linaro-media-create.
Acceptance: Jenkins jobs building OE on requests or daily. Artifacts available to download from snapshots.linaro.org. Able to use linaro-media-create to create a flashable image.
Roadmap id: CARD-144

- publishing of results and used sources should use current publishing methods for snapshots.linaro.org
- <danilos> hrw, for publishing, you might need to extend the publishing scripts in lp:linaro-license-protection and build a BUILD-INFO.txt to describe the build
- build on m1.large in Canonical cloud so far goes on 2nd day

Time for most of build in a cloud:

real 3083m46.906s
user 1704m47.145s
sys 3479m46.920s

56GB of space were taken


Work Items

Work items:
Create LAMP build job at Jenkins for the OE based targets: DONE
Create SDK build job at Jenkins for the OE based targets: DONE
Check if ci.linaro.org is able to cache the downloaded content from OE: DONE
Find how to run build as normal user: DONE
Publish the built artifacts at snapshots.linaro.org: BLOCKED
Create a tab/view at ci.linaro.org just for the OE based images: DONE
Improve Linaro Media Create to support the OE output: POSTPONED

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