Enable UCM support at Alsa/Pulseaudio and update the UCM configuration

Registered by Ricardo Salveti

From linaro-multimedia-ucm release (https://launchpad.net/linaro-multimedia-ucm/2011.11/2011.11), update the pulseaudio and alsa packages to include full UCM support. Work with the LTs and the GWG to enable/update the configuration across the supported boards.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
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Accepted for 11.11
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milestone icon 11.12
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Tom Gall
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Tom Gall


[agreen, Nov 21, 2011] Seb in Nice also needs this working, but it seems issue is coming from pulseaudio not ucm. They have asked Liam Girdwood to look at it is current status.
[rsalveti, Nov 21, 2011] Seems the ucm config file for Panda is broken again with TI LT 11.11 kernel. Need to sync with the TI LT to update the files again.
[rsalveti, Nov 28, 2011] The UCM configs are part of the libasound2 package, and the udev rules that calls alsaucm is part of alsa-utils. Also check if the pulseaudio patch set that enables UCM is in a good shape for our release.
[tom-gall, Dec 18 2011] Bug 906068 affects imx53.

UCM support is enabled in Pulseaudio, configured properly and working on i.mx53 and panda hardware in 11.12.

Audio is working for both i.mx53 and panda. No fiddling is required to make audio work after an initial install. Sound will successfully work on first boot with the linaro ubuntu-desktop LEB. Test will be the ubuntu startup sound if it plays. Further banshee should also work when given an audio file to play.


Work Items

Work items:
Sync about the latest UCM support status with Feng Wei: DONE
Enable UCM support at Pulseaudio: DONE
Update the UCM support at alsa (bugfix): DONE
Check with Feng and the TI LT to sync regarding the UCM config files for the LT TI kernel (11.12): DONE
Check with Feng and the Freescale LT to sync regarding the UCM config files for the Freescale kernel (11.12): DONE
Ensure the sound is working out-of-the-box with Panda (hdmi): DONE
Ensure the sound is working out-of-the-box with IMX53: DONE

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