Enable UEFI hwpack support at the compatible platforms

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This blueprint is to cover the packaging, builds and hwpack tuning to enable UEFI support for Vexpress, Origen and PandaBoard.

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Ricardo Salveti
John Rigby
John Rigby
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Ricardo Salveti
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John Rigby


[jcrigby 21 Sep 2012] A ci job is packaging and pushing the git://git.linaro.org/arm/uefi/uefi-next.git
repo. Still need to do the origen specific one.
[fboudra, 2012-09-21] Origen should have been fixed in uefi-next tree. We don't need another souce package.
[jcrigby 21 Sep 2012] vexpress is v3 now, it produces hwpack but those have not been tested. The three precise panda configs are v3 (rsalveti had already done 2) hwpack.precise.linaro-vexpress was tested with a nano image. There are issues with origen because the tools do not allow setting some samsung specific values that worked with v2.
[rsalveti, 26 Sep 2012] Is there any blocker for this blueprint at this point? If we're able to work without device tree, I believe it should be possible to integrate the UEFI bits for the supported targets. If so, let's make sure this is completed by this wednesday.
[ryanharkin, 26 Sep 2012] device tree is not a blocker for us, so getting UEFI is a good next step
[ibiris, 26 Sep 2012] based on my chat with ronynandy (Samsung) ryanharkin's response is also valid for Origen.
[jcrigby 26 Sep 2012] added uefi bootloader sections to all three flavours. With current linaro-media-create this means one must specify --bootloader on the command line so added that to the jenkins jobs for these flavours. Only vexpress is using uefi. Test build of origen did not boot. Panda uefi is not ready for deployment in its current state as you need to change the boot partition uuid in the uefi config description everytime the boot media is rebuilt. Created a project to add some bugs here: https://launchpad.net/linaro-uefi
[ryanharkin 28 sep 2012] tested UEFI in hwpack snapshot and it works well for A9. Is it possible to get *ALL* vexpress UEFI binaries into the UEFI package and onto the /boot partition? (ie. add A5, TC1 and TC2 also)
[jcrigby 28 Sep 2012] all the bins are in uefi-image-vexpress pkg so all we need to do is modify the hwpack config.
Headline: Hwpacks for Vexpress, Origen and PandaBoard now also include the support for UEFI, which can be selected while flashing the image with linaro-media-tools.
Acceptance: User able to select UEFI for VExpress, Origen and PandaBoard, by using the latest linaro-image-tools.


Work Items

Work items:
Package UEFI for Origen: DONE
Package UEFI to Vexpress: DONE
Package UEFI to PandaBoard: DONE
Port Origen hwpack to v3: DONE
Port Vexpress hwpack to v3: DONE
Port PandaBoard hwpack to v3: DONE
Update Origen hwpack to use UEFI: DONE
Update Vexpress hwpack to use UEFI: DONE
Update PandaBoard hwpack to use UEFI: DONE

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