Extend test case enablement at LAVA for the Ubuntu LEB

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Investigate and define the base set of test cases that would be useful for the basic enablement testing.

With the test definitions, create a test suite to be used by the developer platform team to proper validate the Ubuntu LEB images, trying to automate what is possible and also define what are the hw requirements to cover usb, wifi, bt and other test scenarios.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Dec 21, 2011] Lava team is on vacation, and LAVA for 11.12 is already released, moving to 12.01.
[rsalveti, Dec 21, 2011] Initial set of testcases described at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/QA/TestCases/Ubuntu
[asac, Jan 3, 2012] The tests wanted for this card are explicitely called out in the roadmap card. I would think we could create blueprints for them right away. The rest of the TestCases is something we can do next quarter.
[asac, Jan 3, 2012] Inspiration: 1. USB Host -> Instrument with SDstorage device; use sd storage transfer to test; 2. audio jacks (covered by kurt, help fix the sound issues that block things); 3. basic graphics support: check that Xorg.log looks sane; 4. bluetooth scanning: should be simple as well; ensure that there is a bluepreint about adding bluetooth device in the lab that is always visible.
[rsalveti, Jan 18, 2012] This blueprint will be covered by the other ones, as we decided to have them at separated test cases. Common sh 'lib' for our test cases available at https://code.launchpad.net/~linaro-foundations/linaro-ubuntu/sh-test-lib/.

Headline: LAVA now contains the developer platform test suite, together with the test definitions and requirements for enablement testing.
Acceptance: Description of the test cases that should be created for LAVA; test suite code available at lanchpad, with the low hanging fruits test cases created with the definitions and requirements for the enablement testing properly documented.


Work Items

Work items:
Define the list of test cases that we'd like to have at our test suite: DONE
Identify all the additional hardware that would be needed for the test cases to be supported at LAVA: DONE
Make the shlib bzr branch available for other test cases: DONE
Test and validate the other test cases with LAVA: DONE

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