Linaro sysroots for cross toolchain

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Package and maintain Linaro ARM toolchain as a cross-compiler for ARMv7 and include ARMv5 and ARMv7-hf

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Ricardo Salveti
Marcin Juszkiewicz
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 12.01
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, 21 Nov, 2011] Moving it to 11.12 for now, but it's still blocked by the lack of ddebs support at the PPA.
[hrw 2011.12.01] sysroots are available at:
[hrw 2011.12.01] I use date and release number for versioning (YYYYMMDD-RR)
[rsalveti, Dec 21, 2011] Good progress in general, but still missing dbg support (which was done at this cycle), moving to 12.01.
[hrw 2012.01.03] sysroots with dbgsym support are available at:
[dzin 2012.01.13] Move to trunk
[hrw 25.01.2012] sysroots need some work and also automatic generation (there will be separate BP for it)
[rsalveti, Jan 25, 2012] Can you then work with dzin to get this new bp in place? Then please move the TODO wis there and mark this BP as implemented.
[rsalveti, Jan 26, 2012] Postponed items will be part of the automated sysroot bp for 12.02

Headline: An official sysroot, based on Ubuntu LEB, is now available for people to use with the cross toolchain.
Acceptance: able to build sysroot with -dev and -dbg packages, tarball available at a public place for people to download and try, able to have it to work with the cross toolchain


Work Items

Work items:
- create linaro-ubuntu-desktop-dev sysroot: DONE
- create linaro-nano-dev sysroot: DONE
- create linaro-alip-dev sysroot: DONE
- create linaro-ubuntu-desktop-dbgsym sysroot: DONE
- create linaro-nano-dbgsym sysroot: DONE
- create linaro-alip-dbgsym sysroot: DONE
- create bzr branch with multistrap configs: DONE
- add seeds for linaro images with -dev packages: POSTPONED
- add seeds for linaro images with -dev and -dbgsym packages: POSTPONED
- go though list of used packages and report bugs on each which lacks -dbgsym packages: POSTPONED
- create minimal-sysroot with libc6-dev + libc6-dbgsym (and dependencies): DONE
report bug on multistrap as tidy-up does not clean APT cache: POSTPONED
fix ALIP to have gtk3-dev: POSTPONED
release sysroots with APT cache and /usr/share/{info,doc,man,perl} removed: POSTPONED
automate generation of list of -dev and -dbgsym packages: POSTPONED
add gcc-4.6 to sysroots to get POSTPONED

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