Automated cross-buildd system/service - part2

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Continuous integration/QA service providing statistics on current cross-buildability of packages.

A build daemon attempting cross-builds on all new packages, keeping logs, and providing a web interface showing what does/doesn't build.

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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Jan 10, 2012] Wookey, can you please better describe why you're blocked at your pkg-config-crosswrapper WI so david can follow it better? Thanks.
[Wookey, 2012-01-11] Not exactly blocked, but waiting on upstream decision. Currently it's not right, because my fix from ages back nor other's suggestions from September have been incorporated. I hassled upstream: a couple of times with no action yet. It'll only break a few packages as it stands, and we could just fix the ubuntu package. I could also prepare new patch and see if that does the trick.
[rsalveti, Jan 11, 2012] Well, this is kind of fixed at the ubuntu package, with an update from slangasek to include the triplet at the pkg-config path. Might not be the best solution, so maybe updating the bug, or even following that with ubuntu might help things out.
[wookey, 2012-01-25]. It turns out that wanna-build+buildd is just as horrible as everyone says, and creating new instance is really difficult. It's not suitable for something reproducible. I've found a better plan with reprepro + rebuildd, but it's not quite working yet. There is a small amount of work needed for this as it was designed for use with pbuilder not sbuild.
[rsalveti, Jan 26, 2012] Yeah, it seems reprepro + rebuildd is a better choice for what we need right now. David, this blueprint progressed quite well, and buildd is working again with sbuild and such, getting us closer to what we want, but it's not yet automatic (as described by headline/acceptance). I'd move this last WI into another blueprint, to cover the automated notify/build from debian/ubuntu and mark is as implemented.

Headline: Cross-buildd running automatic cross-builds of uploads to precise and unstable. Output at

Acceptance: Buildd running using sbuild/schroot/wanna-build, with output visible online.

simple web-report state:


Work Items

Work items:
Follow-up on upstream sbuild feedback: DONE
Upload sbuild to PPA: DONE
Propose cross--build-essential packages: DONE
Fix pkg-config-crosswrapper paths: DONE
Patch apt to do apt-get build-dep -a right: DONE
Upload patched apt to PPA: DONE
Get cross-toolchain with multiarch system paths: DONE
Modify xbuilder to add sbuild method: DONE
Test xbuilder-run build set: DONE
Upload xbuilder to PPA: DONE
Review repo/buildd tools for least painful way: DONE
Set up reprepro repository: DONE
Arrange or set-up wanna-build instance for notifying needed builds due to uploads: POSTPONED
Set up/unblock log-transfer cron-job: DONE
Set up summary web-report of cross-build state: DONE
Arrange reporting of chroot state (packages, versions, 'extras'): DONE

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