Cross buildd and multi-arch fixes and improvements for 12.05

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As a result of a continuous effort to enable the cross buildd to be fully functional with multi-arch at Ubuntu and Debian, there are still a few important fixes and improvements to be done. Improvements to the buildd itself to make it more flexible and more deployable, and fixes for packages that do not build either due to cross-build issue or multi-arch issues in dependencies.

This blueprint is to cover the work to be done during the 12.05 cycle.

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Ricardo Salveti
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[dzin, May 11, 2012] Description is vague, please explain what fixes and improvements are required.
[asac, May 11, 2012] ack what dzin said. Please try to take a step back and think about what the real issues you want to address first are, then make the blueprint that names them explicitely instead of having a "whatever we do in 12.05 might be ok for thist" approach. It's not only important for out of context folks like me to read what is exactly planned, but it will also help you massively to accellerate your own performance and success to train on how to identify and decide exactly which things to do first!!
[rsalveti, May 11, 2012] Current description is not the final one, I just added something to avoid letting it with TBD. Like others, unfortunately there are not yet with the final headline/acceptance, as for that I also depend on the engineer itself to provide enough feedback for it. The process is far from perfect, but this should be discussed elsewhere.

Headline: Cross buildd now supports Quantal and Debian Unstable, also reporting status for the cross build bootstrap required packages.
Acceptance: Cross buildd fixes applied at the current cross-buildd, and package fixes (multi-arch/cross) available at Ubuntu/Debian (at least bug numbers with patches).


Work Items

Work items:
Update buildd to quantal: DONE
Move cross-fixes forward to rebuildd 0.4.1: DONE
Add proper cross-support to rebuildd: INPROGRESS
Set up unstable cross-buildd: DONE
NMU libpaper M-A fixes: DONE
Fix apt blocker ( DONE
NMU aalib M_A fies: DONE
NMU db-default M-A fixes: DONE
Get debhelper M-A-ready in debian: DONE
Create cross-build-essential package: INPROGRESS
Fix sbuild-cross for dpkg 1.16.3: DONE
Re-upstream sbuild cross support: DONE

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