Cross Build fixes and support for the remaining essential packages

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Work on the essential list of packages for a proper bootstrap (, fixing any last standing issues for the core packages such as Pearl and Python.

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Riku Voipio
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milestone icon 12.10
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David Zinman
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David Zinman

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[rsalveti, Jun 26, 2012] Riku sent his current status over email, but didn't get implemented in time as he left for a long vac. Should be moved back to backlog.
[dzin, jun 29, 2012] Moved to backlog
[dzin, July 17, 2012] Move to 12.08
[dzin, Aug 16, 2012] This is at risk for 12.08 delivery because of resourcing.
[rsalveti, Sep 4, 2012] This is linked with, so it might be good to put some to focus on it asap.
[rsalveti, Sep 9, 2012] Also, let's not be blocked in case it's too hard to get this fixed properly at Debian/Ubuntu at this point, as at this moment we just need a working solution so we can properly bootstrap the rootfs. Once we get a working rootfs, moving to a native environment with a fastmodel would be the best working option.
[rsalveti, Sep 26, 2012] Riku, please update your status on this blueprint, explaining what was and what wasn't done, and how we should continue the remaining work.
[dzin, Sep 28, 2012] Need confirmation on status. Moving to 12.10.
[rsalveti, Oct 24, 2012] dzin, mind checking with riku and wookey about the status of this blueprint? Thanks.
The following items have been removed from the blueprint since they are not needed and the it has been completed for the cycle:
Hack in cross-compiled of perl: TODO
Hack in support for cross-compiling perl modules: TODO
Hack in cross-compiled of python: TODO
Hack in support for cross-compiling python modules: TODO

Headline: Packages X and Y are now compatible and cross-buildable with multi-arch support on Debian/Ubuntu.
Acceptance: Defined list of broken packages, from the core-bootstrap list, that still need fixes to be compatible with multi-arch & cross build. Fixes published for Debian/Ubuntu.

Python 2.7 multiarch WIP is here:
Perl multiarch discussion is here:


Work Items

Work items:
Check how perl is cross-compiled: DONE
Make all perl build-deps Multiarch: DONE
Make libperl multiarch co-installable: DONE
Check how python is cross-compiled: DONE
Make all python build-deps Multiarch: DONE
Make libpython multiarch co-installable: DONE

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