Linaro GCC CI: Define the test cases and work environment for the Cross toolchain packages

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Define the needed test cases and work environment to be able to validate the cross toolchain packages into the CI loop. Work can be done at jenkins, and use LAVA just to submit the test results.

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Ricardo Salveti
Marcin Juszkiewicz
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Ricardo Salveti
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Marcin Juszkiewicz

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[rsalveti, Nov 29, 2011] The idea is to investigate and plan what would be required to be able to fully validate the cross toolchain packages. As we can't run the test jobs at LAVA, it should probably run at EC2, but pushing the results back to LAVA's dashboard. Please check with Paul and Michael to define properly how this work should be done.
[rsalveti, Dev 21, 2011] Not much progress (at least not related with the goal of the BP) done for this cycle, moving to 12.01.
[rsalveti, Jan 2, 2012] Please work on defining the list of WI for the blueprint asap.
[dzin, jan 13, 2012] Please work on defining the list of WI for the blueprint asap. We are now in mid-cycle and very little has been done here.
[hrw 25.01.2012] gcc-linaro/cross builds and works fine. It got multiarch directories patches from gcc-4.6 also. There are some build problems to solve related with multiarch dirs enablement but at least we do not have to mangle packages with dpkg-cross anymore.
[rsalveti, Jan 25, 2012] Good amount of work on the cross toolchain side, but I guess it's still lacking a definition of how it can be automatically tested, either with jenkins or any other tool (and by publishing the results at lava's dashboard when possible). If you know how it should be tested already, and what needs to be done, please update the blueprint, marking it as implemented and we can move the remaining WI to another blueprint, to cover the test implementation.
[rsalveti, Jan 26, 2012] Marking current WIs as postponed because they were already part of the future blueprint about automating the testing itself. Other than that, we're done.

Roadmap id: LINUX2011-TOOLCHAIN-CI
Headline: Definition of how the Linaro GCC cross package can be tested and validated on a CI loop is now available and agreed between the platform, validation and toolchain groups.
Acceptance: Description of how the cross packages can be properly validated and integrated with LAVA, discussion with the toolchain WG to see if the test cases are enough for package validation.


Work Items

Work items:
Merge gcc-4.6 4.6.2-6 packaging changes: DONE
disable biarch for gcc-linaro/cross: DONE
fix gcc-linaro/cross to build again: DONE
run LP recipe build: DONE
test LP resulted package: bash: POSTPONED
test LP resulted package: mc: POSTPONED
test LP resulted package: eglibc: POSTPONED
fix paths for libraries: DONE
fix gcc-linaro/cross to use other path then /usr/lib/gcc-linaro (to not conflict with gcc-linaro package): POSTPONED
make gcc check /lib /usr/lib: POSTPONED

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