Linaro GCC CI: Define and Integrate LAVA test cases for the Cross toolchain packages

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Now that the cross linaro gcc packages are available at the Staging PPA, and built in a daily basis, define, create and integrate the test cases to properly validate the cross gcc packages into LAVA (or run it at the cloud as LAVA doesn't yet support x86).

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Ricardo Salveti
Marcin Juszkiewicz
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Accepted for trunk
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Ricardo Salveti
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Ricardo Salveti

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[rsalveti, Jan 30, 2012] Please review headline/acceptance and WIs.
[rsalveti, Jan 30, 2012] One way to run the test cases is creating a test job at, that will run the lava-test you created at the Cloud (x86) and then publish the results to LAVA's dashboard.
[rsalveti, Feb 22, 2012] Blueprint should be moved to 12.03.
[dzin, Feb 23, 2012] Moved to 12.03
[dzin, Apr 2, 2012] Partially done, moved to 12.04
[dzin, Apr 27, 2012] Blocked on LAVA lab, moved to 12.05
[rsalveti, May 3, 2012] Not blocked anymore, LAVA is fully back.
[hrw, May 16, 2012] cbuild from TWG is native only and depend on their build farm. I will extract all tests from it and cross build them on Jenkins for tests in LAVA.
[hrw May 21,2012] dropped gmpbench due to lack of libgpm-dev multiarch. Will add soon.
[hrw May 23,2012] submitted. Cbuild supports coremark, denbench, eembc, gmpbench, libavbench, povray, pybench, skiabench, spec2000, vorbisbench. There will be a session at Linaro Connect where we will discuss which of them to add. has tarballs.
[Hrw May 25, 2012] was done and worked as expected.
20:52 < fabo> it will be done by Monday
[Hrw May 29, 2012] check LTP lava test parser

Roadmap id: LINUX2011-TOOLCHAIN-CI
Headline: Linaro GCC cross package is now produced by a CI loop, built, tested and published automatically at the Ubuntu LEB.
Acceptance: gcc-linaro cross package produced automatically by a launchpad recipe, test cases available at LAVA that build and test selected packages, resulted package available at the staging PPA.


Work Items

Work items:
change /usr/lib/gcc-linaro path to make it coinstallable with gcc-linaro: DONE
build eglibc (armel only): DONE
make dash buildable with gcc-linaro/cross: DONE
automate test - probably as LAVA test to be run with lava-test on x86 box (not on LAVA arm hw): DONE
make gcc check /lib /usr/lib: DONE
check toolchain wg checks in LAVA: DONE
add Jenkins job with nbench/scimark2 cross compilation: DONE
[fboudra] publish the job on snapshots: DONE
run nbench/scimark2 on LAVA: DONE
check other benchmarks/tests from cbuild: DONE

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