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Setup CI and release loop for Arndale hwpack components; include bootloader and kernel.

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Fathi Boudra
Fathi Boudra
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milestone icon 13.02
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Fathi Boudra
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Fathi Boudra


Headline: Arndale hardware pack is now published. CI loop is setup and daily test results are available.
Acceptance: Arndale board is boot tested on a daily basis, using pre-built images sent to LAVA.
Roadmap id: CARD-253

* Hardware pack configuration
* Hardware pack CI jobs
* Hardware pack published
* Pre-built image CI jobs
* Pre-built images published
* LAVA boot test
* LAVA image reports dashboard

PoC: Rony Nandy

[jcrigby, 2012-12-06] u-boot deb in kernel ppa can copy to overlay once validated:
[fboudra, 2013-01-04] A prototype hwpack is done, based on Rony's 3.6 tree. I'm waiting for Rony to rebase his tree on 3.7 or ideally linux-linaro.
[fboudra, 2013-01-11] the prototype hwpack is updated to 3.7 branch but oops on boot. I sent a mail to Rony with boot log attached to get some feedback.
[anmar, 2013-01-12] can you file a bug for this as well please
[fboudra, 2013-01-14] I didn't filled a bug on purpose, waiting for Rony feedback first.
[fboudra, 2013-01-17] Unblock. Arndale support is moving forward.
[fboudra, 2013-01-31] re-target to 13.02. Move remaining items.


Work Items

Work items for 13.01:
[fboudra] Add binary pre-bootloader package for Arndale (BL1): DONE
[jcrigby] Include Arndale support into Linaro U-Boot: DONE
Include Arndale support into Linaro UEFI package: DONE
[jcrigby] Update u-boot-linaro source package to build a binary package for Arndale: DONE
[fboudra] Update edk2-uefi source package to build a binary package for Arndale: DONE
[rony-nandy] Rebase Rony's tree on 3.7 (ideally linux-linaro): DONE
[tusharbehera] Send a pull request to linux-linaro: DONE
[andrey-konovalov] Pulls Arndale support into Linux Linaro: DONE
[fboudra] Create a linux-linaro package for Arndale: DONE
[fboudra] Add linaro-image-tools support for Arndale: DONE
[fboudra] Add package-and-publish linux linaro CI job for Arndale: DONE
[fboudra] Add hwpack configurations for Arndale: DONE
[fboudra] Setup CI job for Arndale hwpack daily builds: DONE
[fboudra] Create a pre-built image for Arndale: DONE

Work items for 13.02:
Verify boot test in LAVA job for Arndale: DONE
Add Arndale image reports to LAVA: DONE
Verify image report dashboard for Arndale: DONE
Enable and verify UEFI support in the hwpack: DONE

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