ARMv7 KVM CI Bringup

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Define and implement a CI loop for ARMv7 KVM using and Lava targeting Arndale and VE TC2

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Fathi Boudra
John Rigby
Riku Voipio
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Beta Available
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milestone icon 13.04
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Fathi Boudra

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Headline: ARMv7 KVM enabled kernels and images created and tested daily in CI loop.
Acceptance: CI loops will be testing KVM enabled kernels and images for Arndale and VE TC2 daily.
Roadmap id: CARD-233

Please, add links to relevant changes.;a=commit;h=3d28a181aab5edeb24a8c5ffe3a4162f7462aa2b

[jcrigby, 2013-1-31] Initial work items based on card. which has much more detail.
Arndale kernel is currently not coming from linux-linaro so using linux-linaro for Arndale may be at risk.
Start with server image for host and decide what needs to be added. Need to decide what to use for guest image.
[fboudra, 2013-02-04] Arndale kernel is coming from linux-linaro. It's a topic branch maintained by Samsung LT. The kernel oops is now fixed.
[riku-voipio, 2013-02-19] KVM topic and arndale specific fixes are in linux-linaro. kernel config changes still needed.
[jcrigby, 2013-2-21] marking the hypervisor tast DONE. Need to revisit the idea of a platform independent u-boot patch later.
[riku-voipio, 2013-03-21] KVM vexpress guest and host kernel job at:
[fboudra, 2013-03-29] Bump to 13.04
[riku-voipio, 2013-04-18 ] Arndale job: Code repositoy:;a=summary


Work Items

Work items for 13.02:
[jcrigby] Add Arndale hypervisor patch to u-boot-linaro: DONE
[jcrigby] Replace the Arndale specific hypervisor u-boot patch with one that is more general: DONE
Find arndale specific patches and get them in samsung tree: DONE
[andrey-konovalov] Add linux-kvm-arm topic branch to linux-linaro: DONE
Identify what tree to use for Arndale kernel: DONE
Identify what filesystem image to use for both host and guest: DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Add virtio options to vexpress-kvm kernel: DONE
work around thumb2 mmio problem in guest kernel: DONE
Identify what changes if any need to be made to L-I-T: DONE
Create jobs for kernel integration, build testing, and image creation for Arndale host: DONE
Create jobs for kernel integration, build testing, and image creation for VE TC2 host and guest: DONE

Work items for 13.04:
Find out howto include guest image in host image: DONE
Identify KVM tests and benchmarks for host and guest: TODO
Create jobs for submitting validation tests to LAVA for Arndale: DONE
Create jobs for submitting validation tests to VE TC2: DONE

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