ARM DS-5 integration for 11.07

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* Get latest delivery
* Review packaging
* integrate
* Validate that packages work with developer image for natty
* Setup Prominent Docs how ARM-DS-5 can be installed
* Blog about this

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Ricardo Salveti
Ricardo Salveti
Tom Gall
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.11
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.07
Started by
Ricardo Salveti
Completed by
Ricardo Salveti

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[asac Jul 7, 2011]: milestone 11.07, but initial version should really land ASAP! Ricardo has the details.
[rsalveti Jul 7, 2011]: Target PPA:
[rsalveti Jul 7, 2011]: Pawel Moll will be providing package updates through;a=summary
[asac Jul 8, 2011] assigning validation task and adding a documentation task to pawel
[rsalveti Jul 27, 2011] Documentation:
[rsalveti Aug 9, 2011] Tested and validated, postponing just the blogging WI as it doesn't block the BP

Headline: ARM DS-5 packages are now available at PPA, that's also enabled at the developer image by default.
Acceptance: Follow the installation instructions available at the wiki page, for both Ubuntu LEB and X86, and be able to use the ARM DS-5 functionality .


Work Items

Work items:
[rsalveti] Get latest delivery from ARM: DONE
[rsalveti] Review packaging: DONE
[rsalveti] Integrate into ds-5 PPA: DONE
[rsalveti] Ask Asac + Cody why PPA is still refusing armel packages even after Cody devirtualized it: DONE
[rsalveti] Enable the ARM DS-5 repository by default at the developer images: DONE
[pawel-moll] Document Validation steps for monthly validation for DS-5 against developer and ubuntu images on wiki; reference here: DONE
[rsalveti] Validate that packages work with developer image for natty: DONE
[pawel-moll] Setup Prominent Docs how to enable and install ARM-DS-5 on top of developer image and how to use it with eclipse on x86 ubuntu natty: DONE
[rsalveti] Update the gator-module package against the kernel used for the 11.07 release: DONE
[rsalveti] Also make gator-module available as a dkms package: DONE
[asac] Blog about the ARM DS-5 support at the Linaro images: POSTPONED

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