Automate openembedded smoke test and integrate into Lava

Registered by Soumya Basak on 2013-01-21

this blueprint is created to track the working effort of openembedded easy to automate the test cases and submit it to the LAVA server, to reduce the effort of manual testing for openembedded Daily and weekly testing.

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Alexander Sack
Soumya Basak
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Soumya Basak
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milestone icon 2013.04
Started by
Soumya Basak on 2013-01-21
Completed by
Fathi Boudra on 2013-04-22

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Headline: Automate all easy to automate test cases from our openembedded test wiki page.
Card: 360
* create a personal branch with bzr for yaml file.
* the job definition .json file submitted to Lava successfully, correct error if any.
* personal test job should run successfully with Launchpad yaml.
* submit the test case result on lava dashboard.
wiki: Wiki:
Lava-Dashboard image report:

[22 April 2013,soumya-basak]: validate the test result is on lava dashboard.
oe minimal builds:
oe lamp+sdk image:
[19-April-2013,soumya-basak]: job # 52299, seems the test cases pass except gcc, mysql test def.
[18-April-2013,soumya-basak]: job # 52195, test run successfully on Lava test shell.
[4-April-2013,soumya-basak]: submit job on LAVA-scheduler with job id# 50838.
due to the rtsm_foundation-armv8 device is in idle state on LAva, the job still in Submitted status (no running status).
[1-April-2013,soumya-basak]: submit job on Lava
due to device idle on Lava Schedular job, the job is still in Submitted state.
[20-Mar-2013,soumya-basak]: Submitted OE job [job #]OE lamp image build: into LAVA test shell for test the test definition to run into Lava. busybox, kernel-version, ethernet are Pass shown on LAVA-test result.
[14-Mar-2013, soumya-basak]: Due to the work in progress for automated openembedded test-suite into Lava, we can make this BP 13.03 Milestone target.
[13-Mar-2013, soumya-basak]: lp bug : 1154930 created and link to the BP.
[13-Mar-2013,soumya-basak]: submit OE job id: 49673
result is PASS into Lava test shell with Lava-test-runner tools. and all the test cases pass.
[06-Mar-2013,soumya-basak]: submit OE job (, it seems from the log details, *lava-test-runner* package is not present into the build. @hrw please see the issue.
[5-Mar-2013,soumya-basak]: submit job with job id: 49258.
[12-Feb-2013,soumya-basak]: job submit id: 47688; something wrong inside the configuration.
[22-Jan-2013,soumya-basak]: test definition for openembedded is added to the launchpad.
[22-Jan-2013,soumya-basak]: write a basic test-case definition in .yaml file and upload it to bzr push lp:~soumya-basak/+junk/basic_test.yaml
[22-Jan-2013,soumya-basak]: submit a job to the Lava schedular with job id# 45717


Work Items

Work items:
[soumya-basak] : Submit test job with "lava-test-runner": DONE
[soumya-basak] : lava-test-shell job .json file should run fine without any issue: DONE
[soumya-basak] : revision of .json file and submit one openembedded job into lava: DONE
[soumya-basak] : create and submit a job on lava: DONE
[soumya-basak] : create a automation file for kernel version test: DONE
[soumya-basak] : explore the test cases from our openembedded test wiki and write a smoke test experiment based on the test cases: DONE
[soumya-basak] : definition of the job has to be done in the .json file and send it to the LAVA: DONE
[soumya-basak] : create a job with your own branch and add few command and checked it and submit the job into lava: DONE

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