Linaro 11.09 - Post Mortem phase

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This BP ensures that teams have done their post mortem.
It aims to define the post mortem process that we can execute from an operational point of view.

The post-mortem consolidation for 11.08 could be found at

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Fathi Boudra
David Zinman
David Zinman
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David Zinman
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David Zinman

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[fboudra, 2011-10-07] move the notes as work items. we need to polish the work items (remove open questions, be explicit on the task).

Work items (11.09):
Move blueprints of medium or lower priority to backlog or next milestone: DONE
Move blueprints of high or essential priority to next backlog; document moves and decisions of moving (on the whiteboard): DONE
Move bugs of critical or high importance to next milestone: DONE
Drop bugs of lower priority from milestones: DONE
Schedule post mortem team call; invite manager? asac liked being on the devplatform post-mortem last time and was able to answer concerns/questions raised by team that they otherwise would have had no answer for: DONE
Run post mortem: DONE
Document: what was good, what was bad, what could be improved, lessons learned etc...: DONE
Draft and publish a post-mortem report for the Team; include some nice stats from the team performance? (need to be defined what: could be blueprints/bugs done, amount of blueprints that needed to be rescoped aka acceptance criteria changed, count of blueprints/bugs that were moved to next milestone or back to backlog and potentially other): DONE
Send post-mortem report to linaro-dev mailing list: DONE
Send the report to team and to release team: DONE
Release team wraps everything into one big post-mortem report and sends it to the world and managment: DONE
Post-mortem meeting and report due the day after release: DONE


Work Items

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