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Track all the changes made by the blueprint assignee related to cpuidle when they touch the following:
 * any arch specific cpuidle changes
 * any ARM pm changes related to cpuidle
 * any changes to drivers/idle
 * any changes to drivers/acpi/processor_idle
 * any changes to drivers/cpuidle/*
 * any changes to kernel/*pm*

[daniel-lezcano, Oct 2, 2012] : the acpi code is very confusing and it uses the cpuidle core code in a way it is difficult to improve. With the multiplication of the cpuidle drivers for the ARM SoCs, we need to factor out the code and make it more modular.
It is very difficult to change the code without modifying the acpi driver. The acpi cpuidle driver should be cleaned up.

Blueprint information

Amit Kucheria
Daniel Lezcano
Daniel Lezcano
Series goal:
Accepted for trunk
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2012.09
Started by
Amit Kucheria
Completed by
David Zinman

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[dzin, Aug 22, 2012] Work to be completed this cycle, unfinished items may be included in a new blueprint.
[dzin, Oct 22, 2012] This is done, expanded and added to by https://blueprints.launchpad.net/linaro-power-kernel/+spec/cpuidle-acpi-driver-refactor

Headline: TBD
Acceptance: TBD

git tree based for linux-next:

 * git://git.linaro.org/people/dlezcano/cpuidle-next.git

Consolidation branch: cpuidle-next

 OMAP3/4 cleanups :
   Reviewed-by: Santosh Shilimkar <email address hidden>
   Acked-by: Santosh Shilimkar <email address hidden>
   Acked-by: Jean Pihet <email address hidden>

 OMAP3/4 cleanups accepted upstream:
   http://<email address hidden>/msg68045.html

 S3C64xx cleanups :
   Tested-by: Mark Brown<email address hidden>

S3C64xx cleanups accepted upstream:

Davinci cleanups accepted upstream:

Move into data definition for DTS the cpu latencies


Work Items

Work items:
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP4 : cleanup cpuidle driver : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP4 : submit cpuidle driver cleanups for review : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP4 : upstream cleanups : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP3 : cleanup cpuidle driver : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP3 : submit cpuidle driver cleanups for review : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP4 : remove usage of driver_data : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP3 : remove usage of driver_data : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] OMAP3 : upstream cleanups : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : use driver states count as default : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : change cpuidle driver name as const char * : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : remove unused 'governor_data' field : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : upstream cleanups : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : move percpu cpuidle devices in the core : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] S3C64XX : use time keeping : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] S3C64XX : move state declaration to the driver structure : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] S3C64XX : upstream cleanups : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] DAVINCI : remove pointless ops : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] DAVINCI : refactor the code : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] DAVINCI : Remove extra state count assignation : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] DAVINCI : remove usage of driver_data : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] DAVINCI : upstream cleanups : DONE

Work items for 2012.09:
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : rename function name in driver core : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : remove some empty lines : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : move cpu device out of the power structure : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : remove pointless variable initialization: DONE
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : remove unused function parameter : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] ACPI : remove power from acpi structure : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] INTEL : remove usage of driver data : DONE

Work items for 2013.01:
[daniel-lezcano] EXYNOS : cleanup cpuidle driver init function : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] EXYNOS : upstream cleanup : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] EXYNOS : change cpuidle driver to use cpu hotplug notifier : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] EXYNOS : submit for review and comment : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : remove the power_specified field in the driver : DONE
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : upstream this cleanup : DONE

Work items for 2013.02:
[daniel-lezcano] CORE : eradicate 'driver_data' : DONE

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