Porting userspace applications for ARMv8 - ONGOING

Registered by Riku Voipio

To get ARMv8 Linux distributions available as fast possible, we help by adding ARMv8 support to libraries, development tools, and end user applications. Using the knowledge we get while porting apps, write a ARMv8 porting guide. Also, a short document to guide and remind people to run a an autoreconf to get aarch64 to their config.sub included.


[fboudra, 2012-12-20] No Wis delivered for 12.12, carrie over 13.01.
[fboudra, 2012-12-20] Headline/acceptance aren't set. Riku, please define them. Thanks.
[fboudra, 2013-01-31] Re-target to 13.02.
[fboudra, 2013-03-29] Bump to 13.04.
[asac, 2013-04-24] What's the status update. How about announcing/promoting the docs written by Riku. Where are they? Can we include those in the acceptenace? Expanding the Headline giving a bit context and background would also be good.

The initial lists of software are provided at https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/DevPlatform/ArmSoftwareList and the lists provided by Al from fedora. The actual lists will be in https://launchpad.net/linaro-aarch64. we continuously refine the list of packages needing porting and their priority according to feedback from members and other stakeholders.

Having a document (presentation?) to help people port software to Aarch32. Include details on what is no longer needed compared to Aarch32 (unaligned access is now ok), things that have changed (new SIMD vs NEON), and what is pretty much same (vfp?).

Also, we should broadcast news about need to autoreconf for aarch64 - for this we should write a short doc to get to lwn etc, as well as to use as a template for upstream authors.

Headline: All software important for bootstrapping distributions have been ported to Aarch64
Acceptance: All ported software has patches included in linaro-aarch64 bugtracker and where relevant in linaro-oe tree and/or upstream bugracker.
Roadmap id: CARD-274


Work Items

Work items for 13.01:
Submit the DONE items to linaro-aarch64 tracker: DONE

Work items for 13.02:
Submit agreed the high priority items to linaro-aarch64 tracker: DONE
Attach patches of already ported packages to bugtracker: DONE
Port packages (link bugs to this bp): INPROGRESS
[riku-voipio] Write porting doc: DONE
Get some publicity for the need of config.sub updates: DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Agree on porting focus at LCA: DONE

Work items for 13.05:
Submit agreed important items to linaro-aarch64 tracker: INPROGRESS

Work items for backlog:
Update list of packages to port in bugtracker: TODO

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