Adapt core LAVA tests from Ubuntu/Android

Registered by Marcin Juszkiewicz on 2012-12-10

Core Tests from Ubuntu and Android have to be ported into the OpenEmbedded test pool

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Fathi Boudra
Marcin Juszkiewicz
Marcin Juszkiewicz
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 13.03
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Fathi Boudra
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Fathi Boudra


[fboudra, 2013-01-11] Remove gator test; It isn't supported or tested on ARM64 and it's now disabled from ARM64 kernel build.
[asac, 2013-02-06] moved items to enable tests in CI and updating the dashboard to linaro-qa team; please unblock them by putting the prereqs into the image
[soumya-basak, 2013-03-06]: submit OE job (, it seems from the log details, *lava-test-runner* package is not present into the build. @hrw please see the issue and put the packages into build for run the test into lava test shell.
[hrw, 2013-03-11] "ptest" feature in OE is not yet ready for use.
[hrw 2013-03-12]:
12:12 < hrw> terceiro: so do we need to add /lava/bin/lava-test-runner into OE images or not?
12:13 < terceiro> hrw: no - that file is created by lava-test-shell itself
[hrw 2013-03-13] shows that "lava-test-runner" runs in OE images.
[hrw 2013-03-20] powertop added into images. submitted
[hrw 2013-03-25] submitted and had tests running!!!
[fboudra, 2013-03-29] Mark it implemented as the tests can be run on OpenEmbeded. Converting remaining work as LP# 1161753
[4-April-2013,soumya-basak]: submit job on LAVA-scheduler with job id# 50838.
due to the rtsm_foundation-armv8 device is in idle state on Lava, the job still in Submitted status.

Headline: Core Tests from Ubuntu have to be ported into the OpenEmbedded test pool
Acceptance: Tests from Ubuntu ported to OpenEmbedded test pool
Roadmap id: CARD-212


Work Items

Work items for 13.02:
Add perf to the image: DONE
Add stress to the image: DONE

Work items for 13.03:
Add dependencies required by the tests: DONE
Add stress-dbg into image: DONE
Rewrite Ubuntu perf test to be distro agnotic: DONE
Add "lava-test-runner" to the OE builds: DONE
Remove "lava-test-runner" from the OE builds once it will be copied by LAVA: DONE
Submit test job with "lava-test-runner": DONE
Inspect 'ptest' feature for extra tests: DONE
get test device-tree test working: DONE
get test perf test working: DONE
get test pm-qa test working: DONE

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