Port to the ARM hard-float ABI

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Discussion about goals for the armhf port; how to get it up and running quickly; sharing efforts with the Debian armhf porters.

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Loïc Minier
Steve McIntyre
Steve McIntyre
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Ilias Biris
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1. Use the work already done in the cross-toolchain area to bootstrap the Debian/Ubuntu base system on armhf (see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/linaro-platforms-o-armhf-cross-compilers)
2. Develop fixes and report bugs for the packages that don't build/cross-build, pushing those patches so that they are accepted (in-distro and upstream where necessary)
3. Expand bootstrapping onto other languages that need specialist help and porting (java, clisp, haskell, etc.) to cover the rest of the archive. See how far we get!
4. Build enough of the archive that we can get native building going
5. Build the "main" archive - want to have armhf released as an established port in the next release of:
    a. Debian
    b. Ubuntu
    c. Fedora?
5. Investigate how much we can/should cross-build for (build) performance reasons.
6. Provide support for other interested people as necessary (Suse? Meego? Android? ChromeOS?)

Nice to have:

1. Repeatable, automatable bootstrap capability for the base system in Debian/Ubuntu.
    a. Need to fix cyclic dependencies
    b. At the very least, document the steps needed for bootstrap to minimise the manual labour for future porters

Work items (11.07):
[steve-mcintyre] Complete work for bootstrap for natty (debootstrap --variant=buildd) using cross-toolchain: DONE
[steve-mcintyre] Push patches upstream for the natty bootstrap: DONE

Work items (11.08):
[markos-debian-org] Languages bootstrap: Java/OpenJDK-6: DONE
[markos-debian-org] Languages bootstrap: Java/gcj: DONE
[markos-debian-org] Languages bootstrap: Mono: DONE

Work items (11.09):
[steve-mcintyre] Ubuntu: bootstrap armhf ready for debootstrap: DONE
[riku-voipio] Languages bootstrap: Haskell: DONE
[markos-debian-org] Debian: build the "main" section: DONE

Work items (11.12):
[steve-mcintyre] Debian: official native buildds up and running: DONE
[steve-mcintyre] Ubuntu: official native buildds up and running: DONE
[steve-mcintyre] Push additional patches: DONE
[steve-mcintyre] Support: provide help and advice for other distros and developers: DONE


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