Optimization of x264 codec for ARM - parameters setup

Registered by Kurt Taylor on 2011-06-28

Community optimisation of x264 codec for ARM, initial study and exploitation of system parameters to implement real-time encoder for video conferencing.

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Kurt Taylor
Yang Zhang
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Yang Zhang
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Accepted for 2011.11
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Ilias Biris on 2011-10-04
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Ilias Biris on 2011-10-04

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Headline: Optimization of x264 for video conferencing system
Acceptance: User can use settings for x264 to implement real-time encoder

[yang.zhang - 31.Aug.2011]: the conclusion of the benchmark analysis was to disable some features of x264 to achieve real-time h.264 encoder. Now the performance of x264:
profile parameter
baseline PSNR: 37, bit rate: 900 kbps, frame rate: 21 fps
high PSNR: 36.4, bit rate: 700 kbps, frame rate: 20 fps

Related to the final optimization on the ARM platform - the estimated improvement of frame rate is about 10%. The performance improvement is not obvious, so it may be delayed.

work items (11.05)
Test x264 in X86 platform: DONE

work items (11.06)
Test x264 in ARM platform: DONE

work items (11.07)
Analyze and benchmark x264 with DS-5 in ARM platform: DONE

work items (11.08)
Setup development environment (tes case, benchmark tool...): DONE
Analyze and benchmark x264 with PMU in ARM platform: DONE

work items (11.09)
Analysis conclusion: DONE
Investigate the PLE(preload engine) for x264 optimization: DONE


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