System Metric Gathering for Graphics and Multimedia

Registered by Alexander Sack

 * identify use cases
 * basic metrics to gather
 * how to reuse existing tools from powermanagement and toolchain wg
 * use cases for hooks to gather driver specific information
 * how to gather useful information from clock API
 * include component power consumption

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rajeev kapoor
Sudip Jain
Needs approval
Sudip Jain
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Accepted for 11.05
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milestone icon 11.03
Started by
Sudip Jain
Completed by
Ilias Biris

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[gsachin,rajeev,sudip Jan4] : updated work items and corrected work items syntax
[jesse-barker Jan 14]: re-fix work item syntax (no square brackets)
[rajeev Feb 01]: Please update / your progress on your work items (mainly for jan.11)

Work Items (11.01):
Study perf tool and points how you can gather system metrics data: DONE
Develop interface manager that will manage client-server configuration using TCP communication: DONE
Develop a customized GUI application to receive metrics data and display it: DONE
Develop perf-data-manager and player-data-manager :DONE
Invoke perf from perf-data manager :DONE
Data packeting to receive perf data through sockets:DONE
Interface through sockets between perf and data manager :DONE

Work Items (11.02):
Define format and channel for the external data to be accepted in the metrics tool: DONE
Set data counters: DONE
Set the watermark level and highlight the watermark regions: DONE
Set the watermark levels; display and generate summary for the watermarked regions: DONE
The summary will contain data-counter/time-stamp, watermark level (Y/N) data1 data2 ... dataN: DONE
Tracing of System Metrics: DONE
Integration with the instrumented media player : DONE

Work Items (11.03):
Interactively run metric tools with a reference multimedia application: DONE
Run perf on U8500 and data manager on ubuntu host : DONE
[goelkunal] Packaging of smartt-perf: DONE
[goelkunal] Packaging of smartt-server: DONE
[goelkunal] Packaging of smartt-client: DONE

Work Items (11.04):
Add mem-usage parameter in the smartt-tool : DONE
Integrate the top utility with the smartt-server : DONE
Display and Trace mem-usage : DONE

Work Items (11.05):
Porting of Smartt-Tool on panda board for 2.6.38 kernel : POSTPONED


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