Linaro Seeds for Multimedia WG 11.05

Registered by Alexander Sack

There is a need for installable image by the Linaro Multimedia Work Group. These images should aid in development work.

Blueprint information

Alexander Sack
Tom Gall
Needs approval
Tom Gall
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.05-final
Started by
Tom Gall
Completed by
Tom Gall

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[asac Nov 21]: dropped redundant Linaro from wiki page
[asac Dev 2]: please nail down the exact package list we want and add work items for those that need to be packaged still. then its approved.yeah
[rajeev Feb 01]: Tasks identified for this month is not yet complete. Need to replan it.

[tom-gall 24 Nov 10]: linaro-multimedia-engineering seed proposed for merge
[tom-gall 12 Nov 10]: Updates in prep for Review.
[tom-gall 2 Nov 10] : First draft of design, TODOs and some kind of schedule & pointer to spec in wiki
[tom-gall 14 Dec 10] : Moved tools, content and benchmark work items to alpha2 milestone
[tom-gall 18 Dec 10] : Update to use new milestone system
[tom-gall 18 Feb 11] : remove qa tracker tasks
[tom-gall Apr 29]: Multimedia team did not set up a PPA nor has direction been given to put libav, libjpeg-turbo into image.
[tom-gall Apr 29]: Removing req for test data + benchmark unless otherwise directed by the multimedia team

Work Items (natty-alpha-1):
Identify list of multimedia packages based on identified multimedia specs target output : DONE
Identify list of packages for linaro-developer image: DONE
Identify intended supported chipsets: DONE
Initial rough draft of seed created which will be stacked on linaro-development seed: DONE

Work Items (11.01):
Finish live-helper configs in support of seeds: DONE
Integrate seeds into daily build system: DONE

Work Items (11.02):
Fix broken / problematic or packages not yet in package archive identified lists : DONE

Work Items (11.03):
Run identified test plan: DONE

Work Items (11.05):
Publish Wiki page containing usage, HW requirements, and other information pertaining to the image(s): DONE

 * nfsclient is needed for mounting test content
 * there should be support for application logging
 * there should be multimedia content available for testing either on the image or downloadable
 * there should be support for automated tests to be run and able to report results over the network


Work Items

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