End to end audio testing lava integration

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While for some hardware ports it's hard to test whether a port really gets a proper signal etc, we feel for audio this might be
relatively straight forward: we could connect a cable from jack out to jack in in the lab and then have a testcase that plays something using aplay and checks that he gets proper input/signal on the jack in.

This could be done on alsa level and later pa level (for ubuntu). Reference: https://wiki.linaro.org/Internal/People/RonyNandy/LAVAforMultimedia

The thought here would be to programmatically detect silence via hardwired loopback, then a test tone at a specific frequency(s), then silence again, all in a scriptable command line driven tool.

This blueprint is for the integration of a command line tool for Ubuntu into LAVA.

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Tom Gall
Kurt Taylor
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Benjamin Gaignard
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2012.03
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Kurt Taylor
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Tom Gall

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[ibiris 27Feb2012]: reassigning to Benjamin, and moving to 12.03
[benjamin-gaignard]: LAVA test are able to parse the result: http://validation.linaro.org/lava-server/dashboard/streams/anonymous/USERNAME/bundles/a33c71a1c616a6726df8e76a65b53fa707f94ac2/ccbc0536-52f6-11e1-ad1a-2e4042ab6c0a/

Roadmap id: LINUX2012-Continue-Basic-enablement-testing
Headline: Unattended test application for testing the end to end audio stack integrated on Ubuntu into LAVA.
Acceptance: Run the test application on Linaro Ubuntu image, verify successful test results in LAVA.

Output: Lava script(s) dropped in Linaro git


Work Items

Work items:
[benjamin-gaignard] Create a test definition in python for the tests e2e test to run on LAVA for Ubuntu: DONE
[benjamin-gaignard] Test and debug the test definition on intel/Ubuntu dev host with lava-test: DONE
[benjamin-gaignard] Deliver the python script to validation team to be merged on the LAVA Server: DONE
[benjamin-gaignard] Verify LAVA results: DONE

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