Render pre-defined text files (README, INSTALL, HACKING) directly in directory listings on android-build/snapshots/releases

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We should add support for rendering predefined files like README, INSTALL and HACKING in the generic template for directory listings. Once we do, we should also get rid of the broad <linaro:include> capability for HEADER.html files introduced with bug 1033409.

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Stevan Radaković
Georgy Redkozubov
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2012.10
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Stevan Radaković
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Данило Шеган


[20120928 anmar] - The markup language must support links, headers, tables, formatted text. lists, text formatting (bold, underline, etc). Images would be nice but not mandatory. If in doubt, let me know I will be happy to provide feedback.
[gesha, 2012-10-03] Textile language is supported by django, has support all of the items mentioned by anmar.
[stevanr 2012-10-03] Current up-to-date specification:
[asac 2012-10-05] some concerns were raised about the engineering progress/assignment of this blueprint; stevan/james/georgy: do you still have this on your radar?
[stevanr 2012-10-07] Yes, we're still in process of defining the markup language. We're also putting our efforts in ..
[gesha 2012-10-09] Textile will be used as markup language. It supports all requested items, is readable in terminal, python and django has rendering modules for it.
[anmar 2012-10-09] Anmar will convert the current tabs found in to Textile. ETA Friday 2012-10-12
[anmar 2012-10-10] I found good set of tabs we can use via JS. They are vetted by JQuery guys and seem simple enough to implement. I added many tabs and they seems to deal with the more-tabs-than-can-fit-in-screen gracefully (multiple rows) . Styling is good and reasonable for our needs. I don't see a reason for not using them.
[stevanr 2012-10-10] We already use a standard jQuery UI library for rendering tabs accross multiple projects - .. You can also check how it looks for this particular BP in this branch ... (keep in mind this is still WIP, there's no recursive rendering and CSS still doesn't match Linaro look & feel)
[stevanr 2012-10-11] Shuffled Work Items a bit.. Since we're using Textile we don't need a rendering module any more, only the logic for recursive search of relevant file for rendering.. As per this specification document:
[stevanr 2012-10-19] Rolled out android-build code the production server.
[danilo 2012-10-24] Gesha rolled out the code to snapshots/releases yesterday as well. A few small items left, but this blueprint has been implemented according to the acceptance criteria.

Roadmap id: CARD-150
Headline: Define what pre-defined files will be automatically supported, what mark-up language they'd use, and implement it all on android-build.l.o/
Acceptance: android-build.l.o/ renders pre-defined text files (with extended markup support) which are included along with build artifacts.


Work Items

Work items:
Discuss with interested parties (i.e. fabo, anmar) about implementation details: DONE
[gesha] Define mark-up language for all projects and check if Textile is appropriate: DONE
[gesha] Implement recursive search of relevant files for rendering: DONE
Talk to anmar and pfefferz to confirm the rendered files priorities: DONE
[stevanr] Implement UI for linaro license protection to display rendered html: DONE
[stevanr] Implement UI for android-build.l.o to display rendered html: DONE

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