Improve handling of EULA-protected builds

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Currently protection is based on path containing either 'origen' or 'snowball' in the name. We should improve that to allow per-build protection in an easy way. We will protect only directories containing artifacts with binary blobs showing correct EULA.

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Данило Шеган
Georgy Redkozubov
Georgy Redkozubov
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Fathi Boudra
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David Zinman



[gesha, 2012-02-21] Discussion notes from Connect session
[danilo, 2012-02-21]
 - No version tracking is really needed since cookies are per-directory, and EULA doesn't change for a particular build. Even if it does, cookies are short-lived (1h).
 - I don't like the NO-EULA.txt name for open access files since there is usually still a EULA, but it's free software. We could go with OPEN-EULA.txt.
 - If somebody tries to access a subdirectory, we need to look for EULA.txt in all parent directories.
[dzin, 2012-02-24] Info for Blueprint was received late and did not make it into the release. Moving to the next cycle.
[gesha, 2012-03-15] Based on IRC discussion with danilo
 - eula.txt/open-eula.txt files should be placed along with the build, for example in and as a result protect all dirs below including current unless overriden by another one.
 - If no eula.txt/open-eula.txt is present return 404 error
[doanac, 2012-03-21] it sounds like this process will lock entire directories. This is going to break at least one thing. bug lp:959369
[asac, Mar 30, 2012]: what came out of this? was this deployed? This plan must include coordination with integration teams so they can prepare their output to use the open-eula, eula hook.
[gesha, 2012-03-30] As agreed with Danilo on last infra meeting, it shouldn't be deployed before the release is done (i.e. only next week)
[dzin, 2012-04-19] This has not been deployed. Bumping to 12.04 and marking as in progress. Please UPDATE ASAP.
[gesha, 2012-04-20] Marking deployment WI as POSTPONED since per file EULA handling is almost ready and will supersede this BP, or more exactly will have backwards compatibility with this.
[gesha, 2012-04-27] Tickets for deployment: RT #416 - for snapshots, RT #423 - for releases

Headline: Update handling of EULA-protected builds to per-build protection since not all artefacts contain binary blobs. If the directory containing artefacts with binary blobs has EULA.txt then EULA is displayed.
Acceptance: The per-build EULA protection should properly handle protected or white listed artifacts. Re-accepting the license is required with new version of EULA for particular vendor. Correct EULA is displayed if EULA.txt is available, no EULA displayed if open-eula.txt is available.


Work Items

Work items:
Define the actual requirements for what we want to achieve: DONE
Create a generic Linaro license theme: DONE
Implement EULA/no-EULA handling by the presence of EULA.txt/OPEN-EULA.txt: DONE
Render the EULA.txt from the directory in the license acceptance page (eg. using IFRAME): DONE
Provide themes for Samsung/ST-E: DONE
[fboudra] Update our daily build jobs to include EULA.txt/OPEN-EULA.txt as appropriate: DONE
[fboudra] Include EULA.txt/OPEN-EULA.txt as appropriate on retroactive/previous builds: DONE
file a RT ticket to deploy EULA handling improvements: DONE

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