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[gesha, 2012-07-24] Marking as blocked until RT #518 is resolved by IS.
[dzin, 2012-07-27] Blocked, moving to next cycle
[danilo, 2012-08-07] Machine is ready, we need to deploy our code to it. I'm picking it up.
[danilo, 2012-09-04] Moved POSTPONED items to

Headline: Port license protection code from PHP/mod_rewrite/apache_openid to Python/Django/mod_xsendfile.
Acceptance: and are running a django-based linaro-license-protection with BUILD-INFO.txt support, backwards compatibility for EULA.txt files.
Roadmap id: CARD-150


Work Items

Work items for 2012.06:
[dooferlad] Prototype of entire code-base in Django: DONE
[gesha] Backwards compatibility (support EULA.txt): DONE
[gesha] Multi-license support: DONE
[dooferlad] Use agreed cookie lifetime + path: DONE
[gesha] Finish BUILD-INFO.txt parser (with test): DONE
[dooferlad] License page templates: DONE

Work items for 2012.08:
[gesha] Add multi-site support: DONE
[danilo] Prepare a branch with configuration files for both staging and production: DONE
[danilo] Prepare staging servers for deployment ( DONE
[danilo] Display a revision number in the footer of the page: DONE
[danilo] Automate code deployment to staging servers ( DONE
[danilo] Validate that license protection works well on DONE
[danilo] Validate Android binaries are properly protected on snapshots: DONE
[danilo] Validate that backward-compatibility layer works properly: DONE
[danilo] Validate that apache openid protection still continues to work: DONE
[danilo] Update README (bug #1023420): DONE
[danilo] Upgrade mombin to 12.04 ( POSTPONED
[danilo] Arrange a deployment (, bug #1020159): DONE
[danilo] Write a sanitization script for production data and set up syncronization between production and staging instances: POSTPONED
[stevanr] Write a script for discovering non protected dirs and validating the correct license type: DONE
[danilo] Validate that BUILD-INFO.txt support works properly (without openid): DONE
[danilo] Validate that BUILD-INFO.txt openid protection works: DONE
[stevanr] Enhance validation script to discover files not covered by build info patterns: DONE
[stevanr] Merge setsuperuser command from ci-dashboard: DONE
[stevanr] Fix/extend test plans: POSTPONED
[stevanr] Migrate other builds and releases to use the BUILD-INFO.txt feature: POSTPONED
[dooferlad] Set DEBUG flag to off in production django configs: DONE
[dooferlad] display "permission denied" for invalid BUILD-INFO files: DONE
[dooferlad] Prevent downloading of BUILD-INFO.txt and other hidden files: DONE
[dooferlad] Files not listed in BUILD-INFO.txt should be inaccessible: DONE
[stevanr] Work with release team to update artifacts to use this new feature: DONE
[gesha] Document the final specs and how publishing services should use this BUILD-INFO.txt on a wiki page; document the wiki page used in the whiteboard: POSTPONED
Announce the availability of this new format to mailing list: POSTPONED

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