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Our current code-hosting set-up spans several systems (,, github and Launchpad). We should aim to get to at most two systems (one for bazaar, another for git) that provide all the features we need and desire (or at least the most important ones). This has been discussed during L...
ARM Fast Models and QEMU can be used to simulate ARM based computers at speeds high enough to perform some builds and testing. The Infrastructure team would like to discuss how we can use models to supplement real ARM hardware.
We want to provide Monthly Engineering Views on Alexander can provide information about this. Initial Requirements for Discussion are here:
We want to consolidate and onto a single server. First step in that direction is moving to a sufficiently powered hardware to run both inside the Canonical data centre, which is what this blueprint is about.
We want to consolidate and onto a single server in the Canonical data centre. We start with moving to the DC to a sufficiently powerful machine (, and as a next step, we enable the same machin...
Live meeting of the Infrastructure Stakeholders.

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