Initial approach to doing native toolchain builds in LAVA

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As first step towards migrating Toolchain WG's CBuild build system to LAVA, research and prototype doing toolchain builds using lava-dispatcher.

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Данило Шеган
James Tunnicliffe
Paul Sokolovsky
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Paul Sokolovsky
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Paul Sokolovsky

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Headline: Initial research and prototyping for using lava-dispatcher for doing native toolchain build in LAVA were done.
Acceptance: Toolchain builds in local lava-dispatcher installation using qemu are possible, or blockers and missing features towards supporting this are identified.

[pfalcon 2012-10-23] Filed bug #1070309.
[pfalcon 2012-10-23] Filed
[pfalcon 2012-10-24] Filed bug #1070838, bug #1070855, bug #1070881
[pfalcon 2012-10-30] Connect session "Linaro CI/LAVA for GCC: cbuild migration episode 1" :
[dooferlad 2012-11-01] Post-session discussion with Toolchain WG: (also mirror of session notes from above).
[pfalcon 2012-11-01] File bug
[pfalcon 2012-11-08] File bug
[pfalcon 2012-11-08] Ubuntu Natty+ can't build pristine gcc, not until . Workarounds and background are described here: ,
[pfalcon 2012-11-08] Filed lp:1076450, lp:1076480 (lp:cbuild)
[pfalcon 2012-11-09] Filed lp:1076950, lp:1076957, lp:1076962
[pfalcon 2012-11-09] Michael started related blueprint:
[pfalcon 2012-11-14] Got Panda board configured and doing simple tests with lava-dispatcher
[pfalcon 2012-11-19] Got (plucked) gcc build on Panda, after facing few reliability and other issues like LAVA test partition size.
[pfalcon 2012-11-19] Got suggestion from LAVA folks to use USB flashdrives (attached to some boards in lab) as means to both speed up build and resolve space issues.
[pfalcon 2012-11-19] Michael Hope provided production build image:
rootfs image is at:

The kernel etc that go in the FAT partition are checked in:
[pfalcon 2012-11-20] CBuild/lava-dispatcher setup for local development: , README:
[pfalcon 2012-11-22] Build against prod LAVA: . This doesn't have Michael's image intergration, nor uses USB drive, so had to be plucked to fit in 3G testrootfs partition on LAVA boards.
[pfalcon 2012-11-23] Having trouble with build image as supplied by Michael - it causes my Panda to hard lockup after some time with build started.
[pfalcon 2012-11-27] The job above was done against private LAVA stream, here's the one which is accessible: (again, done with stable Oneiric image).
[pfalcon 2012-11-27] Tried Michael's image in LAVA production, same issue, builds hang:


Work Items

Work items:
Decide whether to start with entire LAVA system or with lowest level component (lava-dispatcher): DONE
Install lava-dispatcher locally: DONE
Install LAVA in vagrant sandbox: DONE
Identify issues, file bugs for them: DONE
Run a gcc build with lava-dispatcher in QEMU: DONE
Run a gcc build with lava-dispatcher in pandaboard: DONE
Run a test gcc builds against production LAVA: DONE

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