Engineering views pilot

Registered by David Zinman

A pilot to highlight use cases for the engineering views to determine what needs to be done before it can be publicly deployed.


[dzin May 1, 2012] Tentatively scheduled for 12.05

Headline: The preparations and development for the demonstration of Engineering views has been completed.
Acceptance: The demo for engineering views has been shown to team leads and engineering managers.

[dooferlad 2012-05-21] Marked expand all link as postponed since expanding all incomplete blueprints will hopefully provide what most people want to see. Will await feedback on if this is the right thing to do.
[danilo 2012-05-22] All the branches landed so far:
[danilo 2012-06-06] Split remaining bits into

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Filter views on project / ???

Record time of changes for diff views


Work Items

Work items:
[dooferlad] Provide “Expand all” link: POSTPONED
Show all WIs from BPs assigned to members of the team (even if WI owner is not in the team): DONE
[dooferlad] Expanded by default for incomplete blueprints: DONE
Implement the timeline at the top of the page: POSTPONED
[danilo] Upcoming work view shows removed work items (bug #999040): DONE
[danilo] Agree on an approach to implement headline/acceptance per-milestone support with Launchpad people: POSTPONED
[danilo] Remove workitems migration script (bug #1000148): POSTPONED
[danilo] Remove 'Feedback requests' from BP page for LOC credit: POSTPONED
[danilo] Fix multiple-milestones-in-blueprint handling (bug #1000787): DONE
[dooferlad] Consider postponed items as DONE for graph calculation: DONE
[dooferlad] Update auto-expand code to consider postponed items to be done: DONE

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