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This has been carried over from the Infrastructure Stakeholders projects:

This project is important for Linaro for many reasons:

Help balance resources by monitoring and balancing tickets workload against engineers which will help in the risk management of releases, if an engineer is spending most of the time fixing bugs, he/she may not have time to work on the planned deliverables.

It is important to report on tickets to show the amount of work done by the organisation.
Launchpad's ability to produce reports of the bugs in it's database is limited.
This makes it difficult to get a satisfactory overview of the state of the
bug tracker if your desired view is not one that it produces.

Some of the metrics can be:
    Tickets Vs Time
    Age of tickets
    Opened Vs Closed
    Tickets per Engineer (and their status)

MichaelHope wrote an external tool http://ex.seabright.co.nz/helpers/tickets
to allow him to get the reports that he wanted, but it is currently hardcoded
to the toolchain projects.

We want to make this facility available in a more generic way, either
inside Launchpad, or as an external tool, or some amalgam of the two.

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User Stories

As a Project Manager, I want to know the number of bugs assigned to an engineer, in order to assess whether that engineer's release deliverables are in jeopardy due to is/her bugs load and whether help is needed.

As a Project Manager, I want to know the age of a ticket to direct focus on old tickets that need attention.

As a Project Manager, I want to know the average age of the tickets in order to help in future planning.

As a project Manager, I want to know the number of Open Vs Closed tickets in order to report the the work done by the team to upper management.

As a Team Lead, I want to know the number of opened tickets in priority order to decide where to focus next and whether resources need to be re-directed to handle bugs.

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MeeGo has bug metrics from their bugzilla bug tracker: https://bugs.meego.com/metrics/?stats=MeeGo_Platform_-_All&component=MeeGo%20SDK


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