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We need to set up a gerrit instance on the android git staging server, in order to study the migration of the service, and eventually turn the staging instance into the new production one.

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Tyler Baker
Milo Casagrande
Stevan Radaković
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Milo Casagrande
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Tyler Baker

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Headline: Complete set up of the staging android git server to match existing server.
Acceptance: Code reviews are also possible on the android git staging instance and there is a git-ro setup that works just as well as the actual server.

[milo, 2013-04-09] Spent a great deal of time figuring out why git-ro was not correctly working: the Apache RewriteLock directive was not configured, and the RewriteMap one was not being locked correctly, resulting in borked output. Took a while since error log was swamped by other messages as well.
[milo, 2013-04-10] Need to file a ticket to Canonical IS in order to get clear picture of how gerrit was configured on the server, and to get also the DB dump.
[milo, 2013-04-10] Latest version of gerrit 2.5.2 has been copied on the server under /srv/gerrit.
[milo, 2013-04-10] Canonical IS provided DB dumps, all copied on the staging server.
[milo, 2013-04-11] After discovering I had a problem with my DNS, I can finally see the staging instances: and
[stevanr, 2013-04-11] was taken from actually, paths are updated, script is about to be deployed to by Philip.
[stevanr, 2013-04-11] script was already in place at /srv/gerrit/linaro/git/scripts/, added crontab entry for root as */15 * * * * /srv/gerrit/linaro/git/scripts/
[stevanr, 2013-04-26] clone.bundles prove to give more then 30% increase for larger repos. The new script for creating/updating clone.bundle files has been added to to run every Monday at 2am as root: 0 2 * * 0 /srv/gerrit/linaro/git/scripts/


Work Items

Work items:
[milo] Copy gerrit configuration from actual production server: DONE
[milo] Install gerrit on staging instance: DONE
[milo] Set up git-ro access for potential automated build usage: DONE
[stevanr] Set up scripts to create update-server-info post-update hooks just like it's done on the DONE
[milo] Configure gerrit LDAP integration with Linaro Login: DONE
[stevanr] Setup android.git.l.o locally with repo clone.bundle feature and do some some test comparing with/without it: DONE
Email Vish about the new process to use: TODO

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