Provide click-through licenses for image downloads containing binary blobs

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Some image builds might be including binary blobs which have a special license that users have to agree with. We want to establish a general system of doing that with click through licenses inspired by the one used by IglooCommunity.

This blueprint covers support of two static EULAs:
 + the origen EULA
 + the snowball EULA

After implementation of this spec, users will be asked to accept the appropriate EULA for every origen and every snowball build (regardless if there are binaries in or not).

More advanced solution will be implemented as a follow up spec.

Implementation will protect all android directories that have match the following regexps:
 + .*origen.* -> Origen EULA
 + .*snowball.* -> Snowball EULA

 + Landing Teams will upload source overlays to the following location on, using the following syntax:
    -$build/ whenever they have a new code drop; the old will stay
    - example:
    - example:
 + Release Team will upload the source overlays to{origen,snowball}/ of the matching source overlay for the build picked for release.

Blueprint information

Данило Шеган
Данило Шеган
Linaro Infrastructure
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 11.12
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Fathi Boudra
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Данило Шеган


Headline: Images built by android-build and ubuntu-build can contain vendor-provided binary overlays for hardware acceleration, and are published in a way which requires click through license acceptance before being downloaded.

Acceptance: and publish builds to without disclosing any binary blobs without click-through license protection. provides similar click-through license protection. Samsung/ST-E sign off on this for their OrigenBoard/Snowball builds.

[anmar - 20111206] - An immediate approach to satisfying the click-through requirements will first be done. This approach is intended to provide a simple and immediate way to properly distribute HW accelerated images and binary components behind a click-through license. It is made up of the following work items:
[danilo -20111215] - Discuss with rsalvetti, snapshots snowball needs protection as well (, just like parts of will ( and


Work Items

Work items:
[anmar] talk to all stakeholders to make sure that we have a full list of possible places where images, HWPacks, etc can be downloaded from. Results are to be added to the bug - DONE
The PMs will provide the licensing text to Linaro infrastructure once they have been vetted by the Member: DONE
[danilo] figure out what is needed to support building Android images that have proprietary components (similar to Private HWPacks): DONE
[fboudra] Review the structure of to make sure we have the right structure to support click-through license HWPacks and Images (here all .*origen.* directories and all .*snowball.* directories should be protected: DONE
[danilo] Setup a blueprint for capturing these action items and subscribing the people present on this call: DONE
[danilo] Work with Alexander to identify a location on for the LT to upload their source binary blobs: DONE
[danilo] Work with Alexander, Fathi to identify a location on for the LT to upload their source binary blobs: DONE
[danilo] Setup a location on for both the Samsung and ST-Ericsson Android: DONE
[danilo] Setup a location on for ST-Ericsson Ubuntu: DONE
[danilo] Setup a location on for Samsung Ubuntu: POSTPONED
[danilo] Fix samsung license rendering (no inline scrolling): DONE
[danilo] Setup a location on for both the Samsung and ST-Ericsson Landing Teams: DONE
[danilo] To talk to Zach in order to remove the multiple click-through BPs Zach created. This is the only BP that should be used for capturing the click-through requirement: POSTPONED
[usman] Work with Anmar and Bernard to confirm Samsung's acceptance of the setup: DONE
[anmar] Confirm current setup with ST-Ericsson: DONE
[danilo] double check that both, and have the same code and mechanism in place before delivery: DONE

Dependency tree

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