Extend and utilize piglit for testing of GLES

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Piglit is a test suite including tests from Glean and other sources for validation of Open GL and Open GL ES implementations. The suite utilizes a python controller which dispatches sets of tests in an automated fashion. Validation is likewise done in an automated fashion through the use glReadPixels and akin.

This blueprint covers efforts to better utilize piglit through mostly adding / adapting what is already there. The GLES tests in particular are few in number.

Missing unit tests are documented in the linaro wiki at : https://wiki.linaro.org/TomGall/PiglitAndGLES2

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Tom Gall
Tom Gall
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Jesse Barker

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[tom-gall 2012-11-16] GLES2 unit and functional tests for piglit are non existent tho infrastructure is there for GLES2 were there testcases to run. Going to implement new unit tests, copy, modify or use existing cases (if possible).

[tom-gall 2012-11-29] Initial sanity, glReadPixels unit test and two exist testcases ported. Pushed upstream. https://wiki.linaro.org/TomGall/PiglitAndGLES2 created to start to quantify unit tests.

[tom-gall 2012-12-12] glslparsertest infrastructure updated to support gles2. submission pending. Initial gles2 tests (sanity, glReadPixels, minmax & clear-varray) updated based on feedback pushed upstream.

[tom-gall 2013-01-02] shader runner updated to support gles2, make shader tests ported to gles2.

[tom-gall 2013-01-08] Blog post about current status: http://fullshovel.wordpress.com/2013/01/08/0-to-1000-in-60-days/

[tom-gall 2013-01-29] Waffle built, minor change upstreamed for android. Worked with another set of patches for Android enablement in piglit. Redid the work using Android.mk. Testing. Have a number of patches outstanding.

[tom-gall 2013-03-27] Android LAVA bring up complete. Linux LAVA bring up blocked.

Headline: Mesa project's Piglit test suite available for ARM platforms.
Acceptance: Runs on Linux and Android across member hardware for which 3D drivers exist.
Roadmap id: CARD-125


Work Items

Work items:
piglit and waffle built on intel and all tests run on intel: DONE
piglit and waffle built on ARM: DONE
piglit sanity runs on ARM: DONE
piglit sanity submitted + accepted upstream: DONE
piglit es2 runs on ARM: DONE
identify what's there and evaluate what to add / modify : DONE
add gles support for piglit glslparsertests: DONE
glslparsertests for gles submitted + accepted upstream: INPROGRESS
add gles support for piglit shader_runner: DONE
shader_runner changes submitted _ accepted upstream: DONE
port shader_runner tests to gles2: DONE
add to piglit based on missing unit tests: TODO
waffle packaged and in linaro-maintainers/overlay ppa: DONE
piglit packaged and in linaro-maintainers/overlay ppa: DONE
Waffle building on Android: DONE
Waffle changes for Android submitted + accepted upstream: DONE
piglit building on Android: DONE
piglit fixes for android build submitted and upstream: DONE
piglit Android.mk files complete and tested: DONE
piglit Android.mk files submitted upstream + accepted: DONE
changes submitted + accepted upstream: TODO
Infra added to run piglit on LAVA for Linux: BLOCKED
Infra added to run piglit on LAVA for Android: DONE
Speak with Android team to determin if piglit should be integrated or ? : DONE
Android LAVA files integrated and submitted to be run on some regular period: DONE
Linux LAVA files integrated and submitted to be run on some regular period: TODO

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