Linaro Seeds for Graphics WG 11.05

Registered by Alexander Sack

There is a need for installable images by the Linaro Graphics Work Group. These images should aid in development work as well as with demos.

Blueprint information

Jesse Barker
Tom Gall
Needs approval
Tom Gall
Series goal:
Accepted for 11.05
Milestone target:
milestone icon 11.05-final
Started by
Tom Gall
Completed by
Tom Gall

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[tom-gall 18 Dec 10] : Update to use new milestone system
[tom-gall 6 Dec 10] : Move "Identify list of graphical performance tools..." to Alpha2 (with Jesse's approval)
[tom-gall 24 Nov 10] : linaro-graphical-engineering seed merge proposal submitted
[tom-gall 22 Nov 10] : Init linaro-graphical-engineering seed created
[tom-gall 10 Nov 10] : Please Review
[tom-gall 2 Nov 10] : First draft of design, TODOs and some kind of schedule
[tom-gall 2 Nov 10] : added link to linaro wiki for specification, moved design info there.
[tom-gall 18 Feb 11] : remove qa tracker task,


Work Items

Work items for 11.01:
Finish live-helper configs, seeds and integrate into daily build system : DONE

Work items for 11.02:
Make available in PPA new packages and modified packages : DONE
Identify list of graphical performance tools for GLES and so on as needed by Graphics WG: DONE
Fix broken / problematic or packages not yet in package archive identified lists : DONE

Work items for 11.03:
Push inclusion in appropriate archive new and modified packages : DONE

Work items for 11.04:
Rebase seed on linaro-desktop : DONE
Run identified test plan. Seeds should boot, and be useful by the Graphics WG team: DONE
Publish Wiki page containing usage, HW requirements and other useful information pertaining to the images: DONE

Work items:
Identify list graphical dev packages with input from Jesse Barker : DONE
Identify list of required / recommended list of packages needed by Graphics WG : DONE
Identify list of required packages as specified in Specifications that this Specification depdends on: DONE
Identify list of packages not currently within package archive: DONE
Identify intended supported chipsets: DONE
Initial rough draft seed created with dep on development seed : DONE
Connect with team defining development seed : DONE
[afrantzis] Need to push fix for germinate for mulitple PPAs: DONE
[jesse-barker] to push graphics dev packages to tom-gall: DONE
[jesse-barker] will work gles performance tools list and supply input to tom-gall: DONE

Dependency tree

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