Submit to trigger defconfigs

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Submitting one job for a kernel tree will trigger all defconfigs set up for that tree.

Create builds that will be using the same commit id. The same commit id will be used for all the defconfigs and for that one tree.

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David Zinman
Deepti B. Kalakeri
Deepti B. Kalakeri
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Accepted for engineering
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milestone icon 2012.01
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Deepti B. Kalakeri
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Deepti B. Kalakeri

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[asac, Oct 6, 2011]: this should get prepared; explode WI, make ready to code. set Definition: to Review when done.
[asac, Jan 17, 2012]: work items must have exactly TODO (and not TBD) as keyword; don't put an empty line after Work Items: block start ... that needs to be the same block as the work items. Add Meta: for headline and acceptance; avoid empty line in between.

Headline: A single job for a kernel tree triggers all defconfigs for that tree.
Acceptance: The build should use the same commit id and triggers the defconfigs use for that tree.


Work Items

Work items:
Verify that feasibility check was done; if not do it, comment or get somebody else to do and comment OR don't start: DONE
Make the changes to the Linaro ci scripts to accommadate the use of the same commit id for building the Linaro kernel with different defconfigs: DONE
Send the script written for "Submit to trigger defconfigs" for review: DONE
Merge the changes done: DONE
Setup master/upstream/primary jenkins job which downloads the Linaro Kernel tree((ex linux-linaro-3.1) and gets the commit id: DONE
Configure the master/upstream/primary jenkins job to use the modified script and verify that the scripts work with the Linaro Kernel (ex linux-linaro-3.1): DONE
Create new subordinate/downstream/secondary jobs for the Linaro Kernel tree(ex linux-linaro-3.1) with each job building for different defconfigs: DONE
Configure the new subordinate/downstream/secondary job to use the modified script for Submit to trigger defconfigs: DONE
Verify the primary job build initiates the build of the secondary jobs: DONE
Verify the secondary job build uses the same commit id supplied by the primary/upstream: DONE
Change the existing jobs setup for the Linaro kernel tree(ex linux-linaro-3.1) using different defconfigs to use the new Linaro CI build scripts: DONE
Verify the lava build and test results show the usage of the same commit id by all the defconfigs for a tree: DONE

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