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Update Jenkins and EC2 plugin to the latest stable; align with android-build owner.

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James Westby
Alexander Sack
Deepti B. Kalakeri
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Accepted for engineering
Milestone target:
milestone icon 2011.10
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Deepti B. Kalakeri
Completed by
Deepti B. Kalakeri

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[asac, Sep 20, 2011]: setting engineering as series, subscribed dzin.
[asac, Sep 20, 2011]: priority low for 2011.09 in case deepti is swamped -> next milestone this would be higher prio.
[dzin, Oct 6, 2011]: not started for release 11.09, retarget to 11.10
[deepti, Oct 14, 2011]: Jenkins on will be updated to 1.419 and Ec2 plugin to version 1.13. The decision was made on the same after discussing with Paul Sokolovsky. I went through the changelog as well to make sure there will be no issues with the upgrade.
[deepti, Oct 14, 2011]: jenkins will be updated, by downloading the jenkins deb package jenkins_1.419_all.deb and installing it using the dpkg -i jenkins_1.419_all.deb command. While Ec2 jenkins will be upgraded by going to Manage jenkins -> Manage Plugins -> Go to Update -> check the Ec2 Plugin and click on Install

Headline: Jenkins and EC2 plug-in are now updated to the latest stable build.
Acceptance: Jenkins and EC2 are compatible with the latest build platforms.

Android Build currently runs 1.419, there're no immediate plans to upgrade it. Consequently, it was decided first to upgrade ci.linaro to 1.419, and after wards to perform synchronous updates whenever possible.

It appears that using apt-get, it's possible to upgrade only to the latest version as present at (they provide only metadata for the latest in associated Packages file), so instead it is recommended to download corresponding .deb and install it with dpkg -i (it's not expected that it has additional dependencies to download).

Jenkins and EC2 plugin updates should be time-interleaved for risk management ("vary 1 parameter of system at time").


Work Items

Work items:
Align version target with android-build team and document version in blueprint comment: DONE
Discuss best process to update jenkins with android-build team: DONE
Backup all data and configs so that in worst case we re-setup jenkins: DONE
Plan and announce jenkins maintenance window a week ahead: DONE
Send reminder mail about scheduled downtime in the morning before upgrading: DONE
Upgrade jenkins: DONE
Upgrade EC2 plugin: DONE
Validate build jobs are still there and operational: DONE
Reply to maintenance reminder mail from the morning reporting service back being fully operational: DONE

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