Improve the metadata information in test jobs submitted to LAVA

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Improve the metadata information in the test jobs that are submitted to LAVA

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[deepti Sep 20, 2011] The required metadata information to be supplied was discussed with the kernel team lead who is the consumer of the kernel ci. The discussion was also carried out with validation team members so that the metadata information supplied could be used in a useful way for future for ex: to get a good report on the kernel builds, to come out with a consolidated view showing the build and test execution results in one place.
To conclude the following are the metadata information(along with examples) was agreed/suggested to be included

Build Details:
"": "117" [[ job id in jenkins ]]
"kernel.build_url": "" [[ link to the build url ]]
"kernel.git_branch_name": "master" [[ current branch name ]]
"kernel.config": "omap2plus_defconfig" [[ defconfig name ]]
"packages" like gcc and gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi along with their version
"branch_revision": "f392cbf75615e9d8cb90ef5ffb8d4e752b7be3c7" [[ git commit id ]]
"branch_url": "git://", [[ tree built ]]
"branch_vcs": "git", [[ CVS name ]]
"commit_timestamp": "2011-08-30T15:55:01Z", [[ commit timestamp ]]
"project_name": "Linux Linaro"
"test_case_id": "build-status"
"public_url": "" [[ external link to the build console ]]

Kernel Test Run Details:
"hwpack": "", [[ newly created hwpack to the tested that was built on ]]
"rootfs": "" [[ latest rootfs to be used for testing ]]
"kernel_version": "v2.6.35-rc5-62853-ga63d2e6" [[ kernel version built ]]
 "": "20110919" [[ hwpack generation date ]]
"hwpack.type": "omap3" [[ hwpack type ]]
"": "20110919" [[ rootfs generation date ]]
 "kernel_name": "linux-arm-soc-for-next" [[ Kernel name ]]
 "": "117" [[ job id in jenkins ]]
 "rootfs.type": "nano" [[ rootfs type ]]
 "git_commitid": "a63d2e6e8373512f368fe8252dd8b1b162142e00" [[ git commit id ]]
 "git_url": "git://" [[ tree built ]]

Headline: Initial metadata submitted alongside the LAVA job for kernel CI is well defined and documented.

Acceptance: Metadata as documented can be seen on the LAVA job side.


Work Items

Work items:
Discuss and define metadata required with stakeholders and management: DONE
Document metadata for kernel CI jobs in blueprint: DONE
Improve jenkins jobs to submit the required metadata: DONE
Validate that metadata is properly submitted for kernel CI jobs to jenkins: DONE

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