LAVA integration for CI dashboard

Registered by Данило Шеган on 2012-06-22

Have CI dashboard offer available tests by communicating with LAVA and prepare and submit test runs with the build output.

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Данило Шеган
Milo Casagrande
Stevan Radaković
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Milo Casagrande on 2012-09-14
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Milo Casagrande on 2014-07-04

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Headline: The CI dashboard now submits tests to LAVA based on a user selection and build output, and displays the results of those tests.
Acceptance: On an individual CI loop page one can choose any of the tests available in LAVA and CI dashboard can send a build to test to LAVA.
Roadmap id: CARD-149

[pfalcon 2012-08-27] Would be nice to specify if this LAVA test selection happens on Loop level, or on individual Build level. I guess, selecting on Loop level is the default option, but maybe this BP calls for being able to select on individual Build level too?
[milo 2012-09-13] Link to LAVA docs:
[milo 2012-09-13] Link to LAVA project:
[milo 2012-09-13] Sent email to doanac and mwhudson for information
[milo 2012-09-13] Managed to install LAVA on local virtual machine
[stevanr 2012-09-14] Decided to do automatic installation of LAVA locally with pypi tool; according to LAVA documentation this is most non-interactive installation method and best suitable for our needs (
[milo 2012-09-18] Discussed with LAVA people: LAVA does not store info about tests that could be run, only ran tests.
[milo 2012-09-18] Opened bug to keep track of a preliminary solution to retrieve test names: bug 1052545
[milo 2012-09-18] Proposed merge for bug: still work in progress, tests for the lava-dashboard project do not work locally.
[stevanr 2012-09-21] Implemented LAVA installation tool using quickstart guide in
[dzin 2012-09-21] To be moved to 12.10, make low priority; we want to focus our main efforts on preparing mockup a pretty complete experience to present at connect instead of finishing backend features.
[dzin 2012-09-28] Moved to 12.10 and lowered priority
[stevanr 2012-10-02] Example job configs for LAVA:
[stevanr 2012-10-02] All available action commands for job configs and respective file location(as found in LAVA dispatcher project):
[stevanr 2012-10-09] Adding new work item for creating configuration page for LAVA authentication setup (and later for any other user-configurable settings).
[danilo 2012-10-26] Moved to 2012.11 in a post-mortem: no time to wrap this up.
[stevanr 2012-10-26] Linking the latest branch with the code to be picked up
[danilo 2012-12-04] move to backlog as agreed in post-mortem.


Work Items

Work items:
Discuss with doanac/mwhudson what LAVA offers in terms of enumerating available tests: DONE
[stevanr] Run LAVA locally for development (similar to jenkins if possible): DONE
[milo] Implement UI to choose tests for each build type when starting a new build: DONE
[stevanr] After build is complete we should run the tests that were chosen: INPROGRESS
[stevanr] Implement LAVA auth (username, token): INPROGRESS
Extend the poller to collect results from LAVA: TODO

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