Preliminary Android support for CI dashboard

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Add an android CI loop to the CI dashboard.

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Данило Шеган
Milo Casagrande
Georgy Redkozubov
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Accepted for trunk
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milestone icon 2012.09
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Milo Casagrande
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Данило Шеган

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[danilo 2012-06-22] Start in 2012.07.
[danilo 2012-07-23] Docs for current system:
[milo 2012-07-30] Started work.
[milo 2012-08-01] Proposed android build data model for review.
[milo 2012-08-07] Tried to build a "create" view based on fieldsets, but it is not well supported by Django .
[milo 2012-08-13] Had meeting with gesha, Stavan, and Danilo to discuss implementation so far.
[milo 2012-08-15] Had meeting with gesha, Deepti, Stevan and Paul to discuss implementation and concerns raised.
[milo 2012-08-21] Meeting with gesha, working together on the android-loop configuration, need to expand the templates library proposed.
[danilo 2012-08-24] Wrap it up as the prototype deliverable, retarget to 2012.09, postpone the items which need further discussion.
[danilo 2012-09-04] Fix up (
[dzin 2012-09-04] Work items have been removed:
Establish a 'new android build' which keeps the configuration in git branches: POSTPONED
Implement a 'new android build': POSTPONED
Implement android image creation that chains with the generic android builds: POSTPONED
[danilo 2012-09-21] Demo:
[danilo 2012-09-24] As agreed in the planning call, moving the actual demo presentation to next cycle and the following blueprint:

Headline: A android CI loop has been implemented in the CI dashboard, allowing full android image builds when manually triggered.
Acceptance: Full Android builds along are possible through CI dashboard.
Roadmap id: CARD-149


Work Items

Work items for 2012.08:
[milo] Define android CI loop models: DONE
[gesha] Start prototyping android CI loop: DONE
[gesha] Implement an android CI loop accepting the same options as android-build-frontend: DONE
[milo] Implement a "create" view for android CI: DONE
[milo] Implement an "update" view for android CI: DONE
[gesha] Implement a "detail" view for android CI: DONE

Work items:
[gesha] Prepare for demo purposes: DONE
[gesha] Prepare ec2 micro instance to serve as staging for ci-dashboard: DONE
present prototype to stakholders and collect feedback: POSTPONED
evaluate feedback and expand work items for second iteration: POSTPONED

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