Add ST-Ericcson's Bluetooth and WLAN support to Linaro's Stable ICS and JB build for Snowball

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For BT and WLAN support on ST-Ericsson's Snowball.

This is part of our platform work.

What gets produced?
A Snowball build that contains BT and WLAN.

Where will the work get put?

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[2012/9/11 pfefferz] Put notes here.
[2012/10/01 patrik-ryd] The ST-Ericsson snowball have been planning for a couple of weeks now to deliver a set of patches with bug fixes for WLAN and BT for the ICS snowball build. The work split that has been agreed ( in the weekly sync between the Snowball team and Linaro is that the Snowball team will push their patches to external gits and we will help them set up a build with the patches on When the build is working we will create a branch for Snowball and the Snowball team can start to push their patches for review. In some case it might be necessary for us to just import a branch (without the review) because of the amount of patches delivered.

The latest news I have heard from the snowball team is that they have a number of blocking issues that prevents them for delivering the patches at the moment.
[2012/10/1 pfefferz] Since Patrik is blocked on this he has time to look at
[2012/10/09 pfefferz] Looks like this won't be doable in this month because the patches to fix it will not be released by STE this month.

Headline: BT and WLAN works on Stable Snowball ICS
Acceptance: BT and WLAN works on Stable Snowball ICS. Works is defined as, passes BT ands WiFi tests listed in:


Work Items

Work items:
Snowball team to push patches to a external (non Linaro) gits: TODO
Create a manifest that combines the new gits and Linaro Android: TODO
Do a test build with all BT and WLAN patches on ICS: TODO
Snowball team to verify that the test build works.: TODO
Create branches for patches: TODO
Snowball team to push patches for review: TODO
Port patches to JB, creating new branches as appropriate: TODO
Verify that the test JB build works.: TODO

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